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My Lawn Mower Starts Then Dies: Troubleshoot The Problems

My Lawn Mower Starts Then DiesAre you searching for why your lawn mower starts and then dies? Are you tired of troubleshooting the problem in your lawn mower? Do you want to fix your lawn mower? Then, you have jumped on a perfect article to get the best piece of your desired information.

We know that a lawn mower is an important piece of equipment and you can fix any problem related to it easily. You need some tricks and techniques to find the problem which is the main task before fixing anything.

Well, you do not need to explore a bundle of articles for finding outmy lawn mower starts then dies”. Stay with this article! We are here to help you in providing information about this article. You are going to get rid of all your confusion and queries about it.

My Lawn Mower Starts Then Dies

A problem which is complained by many people who are using a lawn mower is that “my lawn mower starts then dies”. Well, don’t take it over your head! There can be various reasons behind this issue. Let’s have a look at them!

Loose Screws:

Many screws in the carburetor need to be tight because the chambers inside are where the air and gas mix and pass through. If these screws are loosened then there will be a deficient flow of fuel and the atomization of gas will be affected. With an unstable air-gas mixture, the mower will start then die from time to time.

Blockage In Carburetor:

If you have a dirty carburetor or its bowl is blocked due to gasoline sediments or dirt, your lawn mower will start but will end up dying shortly after pulling the cord.

Defective Spark Plug:

We know that spark plugs are very important for your lawn mower’s ignition system because it ignites the fuel mixture in the engine chamber. But the dirty and faulty spark plug can cause intermittent sparks which cause the lawn mower to die after starting.

The Air Filter Is Clogged:

Another reason behind this problem is clogged air filters. Air filters in the lawn mower are used to collect the dirt and debris not to mix with the fuel. This dirt and debris can cause clogged air filters. So, poor airflow causes the lawn mower to die after starting.

Loose/Faulty Choke:

Choke helps in starting the cold engine and when the engine warms up, you can turn the choke off. But if the choke is loose or faulty, it will hinder the engine from starting and the lawn mower dies after starting.

Final Stitch:

Considering everything, a lawn mower can perform excellently if it is taken care of properly. Well, the reasons given above in this article will help you troubleshoot the problem with ease. Once the problem is troubleshot, you can fix your lawn mower.

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Tom Hanks is a DIY lover and an expert of tools to give you detailed unbiased reviews and guides on using and buying great tools for your DIY projects.

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