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Best Zero Turn Mower With Steering Wheel – Review And Buyers’ Guide

Best Zero Turn Mower With Steering WheelRiding a lawnmower is nerve-wracking for many users, but thanks to the mowers with steering wheels, that has provided ultimate ease. So, by using these mowers, you can trim your delicate lawn, medium or large-sized lawn, very effectively and easily. 

You can drive just like cars and mow your lawn with more fun and ease. Due to these meticulously designed mowers, cutting a lot on uneven surfaces has become a cup of tea. It can easily manage large yards and cut the thick grass very effectively. Trust me; it is a real pleasure to work with such a convenient, efficient, and well-designed Zero Turn Mower With Steering Wheel. 


So, if you have tough conditions and overgrown grass faster than most of the rivals; no need to fall into regular stress; just grab the Best Zero Turn Mower With Steering Wheel and embrace an increased efficiency and premium performance. 


Well, it is a headache to pick the one steering mower from a wide selection; knowing this problem, we have done your homework and picked the five best Best Zero Turn Mowers With Steering wheels for you. So, you can pick the one that suits your needs and lawn. 

My Top Pick..Best Zero Turn Mower With Steering Wheel

If you want to crack the leading one, you can overview our top-pick Troy-Bilt 25HP 725cc. Its design, material, and style ensure individualized operator comfort – it includes a more comfortable high-back seat that protects you from backache. This is why it is an ultimate solution for longer mowing sessions and to cut between different obstacles with comfort.

So, what are you waiting for? Click on the link and grab your take; however, if you want to review more mowers, you can drill down.

Why Pick a Mower With a Steering Wheel?

Zero-turn mowers carry a lot of benefits that make them the first choice of people owing large acres of land. What if manufacturers add steering wheels on a z-turn mower? With steering, they will become an interesting choice for your recommended acreage of lands, such as 3 acres, or five or more acres of yard.

 Riding a mower with a steering wheel sounds interesting, and it gives ease to your mowing job. In the presence of lap-bar residential zero-turns mowers, choosing the best steering wheel zero-turn mower will be a healthier decision to take. So always try to pick one of the best on the market that gives the best possible shape to your beautiful large yard, and don’t forget this lawn mower is made for hilly areas or uneven terrains. Let’s dig out why to invest in the best zero-turn lawnmower with the wheel. 

  • The innovative zero-turns make mowing tasks effortless because they are simple and quick.
  • Zero-turn lawnmowers provide steering wheel control with natural motion and high precision.
  • Their zero-turn radius increased hillside stability and reduced mowing time, helping the mower stay on side slopes, making them phenomenal for hilly areas.
  • They give more control when mowing sections that stand at an uncomfortable angle. 
  • Performs flawlessly, including turning nicely when cutting uphill on a side slope. 
  • They operate via a steering wheel or levers. They drive just like cars and mow your lawn by cutting a lot on uneven surfaces.
  • You can enjoy riding zero-turn mowers as they easily trim narrow flower beds and small bushes and save you time trimming around obstacles. 
  • You are familiar with the fact that downhill or sloped mowing is a real chore, but no worries this time as zero-turn mowers use a conventional steering wheel and foot controls that make them best to mow grass from uneven terrains.
  • Most of the high-end models work with different transmissions and one of which is hydrostatic. The hydrostatic transmission offers perfect maneuverability and makes mowing jobs a fun-filled activity.
  • They are built with wide anti-scalping wheels that provide perfect grips and unmatched stability when mowing steeper slopes and uneven terrain. The front and back wheels also provide ideal grips, even on damp grass.
  • They are the best investment because zero-turn mowers are highly durable with reinforced stamped steel.
  • Along with all these specifications, they are also designed with ergonomic control panels, adjustable controls, cup holders, comfortable mid-back seat positioning, LED lights, ample space for feet, and seat belts some models are also available.

Tips to Maintain The Zero-turn Mower With Steering Wheel:

Alright, you get the fantastic zero-turn mowers with the steering wheel, but is it enough. No, certainly you need to do something to keep maintaining the machine. Below are some of the essential steps you could follow to keep the lawnmower with you for long. 

  • Always read the manual instruction after unboxing the machine.
  • Don’t forget to grease the mower after some time. 
  • You change your car’s oil to keep it in running position; same like this, always change the mower’s oil to attain classic performance. 
  • If you are obsessed with professional cuts, it would be better to sharpen the blades after two to three mowing times.
  • Zero-turn mowers come with deck sizes of different heights used to cut the thickest patches of turf. So, keep the machine clean for increased longevity and better performance.
  • Large zero-turn mowers have a high chance to slip on the slopes, so be careful to ride when mowing on wet grass.

Best Zero Turn Mower With Steering Wheel

Mowers with steering wheels increase your stability on slopes, so investing in such types of mowers is completely safe. But, if you are not picking the right product, the investment will drown; thus, this article includes most leading brands that will provide you with the best overall mowing experience.

You can proceed o and review our chosen mowers.

We suggest you don’t miss our comparison table as it will take only a couple of minutes but provide you with handsome information.

1Troy-Bilt 25HP 725cc● Cutting Width: 54-Inches
● Weight: 829 Pounds
Check Price
2Husqvarna Z254F ● Engine Horsepower: 26 HP
● Cutting Width: 54-Inches
Check Price
3Husqvarna MZ61● Weight: 770 Pounds
● Engine: 27 HP Briggs and Stratton
Check Price
4Poulan Pro P46ZX● Fuel-Tank Size: 3.5-Gallon
● Cutting Width: 46-Inches
Check Price
5Craftsman Z560● Weight: 700 Pounds
● Engine Horsepower: 24 HP
Check Price

Here we have done the comparison table, so no more talk; let’s crack the best zero turn lawnmowers.

1.) Troy-Bilt 25HP 725cc

Troy-Bilt 25HP 725ccTroy-Bilt is a famous brand whose products are exemplary and give tough times to its competitors in all fields, such as durability, performance, and easy movement. From the range of products, this time, we pick Troy-Bilt 25 HP as our first pick.

Key Features:

One of the best lawn mowers with steering wheels powered with an incredible 725cc V-twin cylinder Kohler engine. This engine operates via horsepower of 25 HP, which helps it mow the lawn with slopes and hills comfortably.

When you have five or more acres of lawn to mow, then speed matters a lot. No worries, as this admirable zero-turn machine has a top forward speed of 7mph, and in reverse movement, it has a speed of 2.5mph. The steering wheels can control the speed and give high precision.

Troy-Bilt’s small residential zero-turns mower has an adorable 54-inch cutting deck, making it an excellent mower for at least 3 acres of land. The heavy-duty steel frame adds durability and life. It is also integrated with the premium deck wash, so landowners clean the deck to sharpen the blade after every use.

One of the exceptional features of this amazing lawnmower is the Electric “Power Take Off” technology that is used for easy blade engagement and reducing time for mowing. And of course, the steering system and zero-turn radius increase the maneuverability and stand this mower as the best to mow the pasture from hilly terrain.

  • Has powerful engine
  • Equipped with deck wash
  • Offer three-year warranty
  • Has comfortable high-back UV seat
  • Needs to assemble

Final Verdict:

From the various lawn tractors and garden tractors, we are here with stunning Troy-Bilt 25 HP. The reason for giving it the first position in our list is its exceptional steering wheel which is so easy to operate.

2.) Husqvarna Z254F 

Husqvarna Z254FGet performance and class of mowing lawns with our best product of Husqvarna. The Husqvarna Z254F combines style, and classic features and makes mowing chores a fun-filled task. The great lawnmower to make our flat yards greener and free from untidy looks.

Key Features:

Now mowing large yards is a less tiring job with this lawnmower Exceptional 747cc V-twin Kohler Engine. Additionally, the engine makes its product for hilly terrains via its 26 horsepower. 

The engine is easy to start even in unfavorable weather and works with a speed of 6.5mph. Further, it also allows use on every type of lawn, whether it is less untidy, having thick grass, bushes, or whatever, via its no maintenance zero-turn transmission. 

 Cutting with the broader deck is more comfortable so, enjoy this lawnmower’s 54-inch deck is equipped with 3-blade cutting technology to deliver precise cuts even when mowing areas of thick grass. The eclectic-clutch deck engagement further adds comfort to adjusting the deck height as per your needs.

The comfortable high-back seat, ergonomic control, and ample slip-resistant foot area make mowing jobs safe and secure, no matter if you are young or old. 

Zero-turn mowers are designed with transmission options such as hydrostatic; the same is the case with this mower which has a hydrostatic system that adds something to its control and performance. But it is recommended not to mow more than 10-degree slopes. 

This zero-turn lawnmower is not designed to bang into trees, foundations, birdbaths, curbs, rocks, or tree roots. But fortunately, it performs excellently on smaller slopes and flat areas.

  • The engine has high horsepower
  • Sturdy built mower
  • Has ample space for feet
  • No cutting heights adjustment for blades

Final Verdict:

Do not need to dig out other brands of lawnmowers when this superbly built, long-lasting Husqvarna Z254F is here to meet all your mowing needs effortlessly. It takes less time to mow large yards, less maintenance, and not too much burden on the pocket.

3.) Husqvarna MZ61

Husqvarna MZ61Here I am introducing another product from the favorite brand of many. The Husqvarna MZ61 is the best lawn mower for your lawn of large acres due to its powerful, astonishing features and hydrostatic transmission.

Key Features:

The remarkable zero-turn radius of the Husqvarna MZ61 makes it the best mower for your lawn filled with thicker grass and bushes. This facility makes it easy to cut grass from the steeper slopes and pass the obstacles just like you want it to do. 

Speed matters a lot when you have to mow large acres of the yard in less time. Congrats, this lawnmower has speed that will not be offered to you by any other model. This mower can clean 3 acres of lawn in an hour with a forwarding speed of 8.5mph and a reverse speed of 5mph.

Husqvarna installed high-back padded seats that deliver an enjoyable riding experience for longer mowing sessions to keep you safe when mowing using its zero-turn radius. This sturdily built mower has foot pedals that control the levers.

What makes it the Best Suited for Hills? It is its powerful Briggs & Stratton Hydrostatic engine. This engine works using a horsepower of 27HP, which ultimately gives it the name of beast grass-cutter.

The Husqvarna MZ61 is a good lawn or yard tractor which has a 61-inch width cutting deck, absolutely the best deck size for your yard. It can supply enough air for lifting the grass and keep three blades sharp and neat.

  • Affordable lawnmower
  • Best deck size
  • Mow your lawn perfectly
  • Need to buy bagger separately

Final Verdict:

There is no need to waste your time cracking other models when the Husqvarna MZ61 conventional zero-turn lawn tractor shows its class. The exceptional element of this mower, which makes it the first choice of professionals, is that it is best on steep sloping, gradients, and mowing uphills.

4.) Poulan Pro P46ZX

Poulan Pro P46ZXMake your mowing day fun-filled, incredible, and classic with our next choice. The product is from premium brand Poulan Pro which is present in the market with the name P46XZ. This lawnmower is on the list because of a user-friendly, lever-operated deck for conveniently mowing grass from your large lawn.

Key Features:

This ideal yard tractor-type mower comprises a high-quality, durable V-twin cylinder Kohler engine belonging to Briggs and Stratton. The engine is so powerful and runs with a horsepower of 22 HP. This much horsepower makes it the first choice of those whose lawn has hills, obstacles, and uneven terrain.

The hydro-gear EZT transmission and zero-turn radius provide the best in performance and comfort. Another enchanting feature offered to you by this mower is its dual-wheel hydro transmission. By which you can attain maximum maneuverability. Now it is so easy to control each wheel by just moving your arms forward, backward, and turning the mower left or right. 

The reinforced classic deck has a 46-inch width and comes with a 10-year warranty. The deck allows a six-position cutting height which can be adjusted from 1.5 to 4 inches. 

When mowing your large yard with Poulan Pro, you need to spend less time trimming as it easily mows around objects and obstacles, automatically trims the lawn, and leaves it in great shape.

This mower has an automatic manual operation and maximum fuel capacity to mow the lawn without worrying about fuel shortage. The 3.5 fuel tank capacity makes it stand alone among other models.

  • Enough  fuel capacity
  • Has durable caster wheels
  • Made with durable steel frame
  • No con

Final Verdict:

How could you leave a product that has all the necessary specifications that make any lawnmower the best of the best? The Poulan Pro P46XZ is a must-have lawnmower to mow flat areas and hilly terrain perfectly.

5.) Craftsman Z560

Craftsman Z560Last but not least, we have a Craftsman Z560 zero-turn lawnmower. No one beats these brands in quality and features. This lawnmower is equipped with ReadyStart technology that gives you the quick and efficient start you ever wished for.

Key Features:

Instead of steering wheels, this lawnmower operates via levers present on both sides. Further, the high-back foam-padded seat is positioned in a way to deliver maximum comfort to its users.

Craftsman added a 360-degree turning radius for easy maneuverability, making it an exceptional product to mow between bushes, obstacles, and places close to each other and almost impossible to mow.

This USA-manufactured product is powered by a Briggs and Stratton Gold gas engine. This engine works greatly by using 24 horsepower, giving it a place in the lawnmowers for large yards.

Z560 is also equipped with a charming 54-Inch cutting deck which helps to cut through a rich amount of grass in a single sweep. To provide easy cleaning to the deck underneath, this lawnmower offers you a deck wash to save time and mower for a long time. The deck comes with a two-year warranty so, feel free to contact the brand if anything happens in these two years.

Not only mowing in a forwarding direction but you are allowed to cut in reverse with full ease. There is no need to pause your mowing job when moving in reverse position. The sturdily built levers help to move in both directions quite efficiently.

The Durable 11-inch front and 20-Inch rear tires chew up the lawn easily and trim your lawn. Save more time which has to be spent in trimming separately.

  • Has high-back cushioned seat
  • Provide 360-degree radius
  • Mow in reverse effectively
  • No traditional brake system

Check out the More Lawn Mower Tools from our Website.

Final Verdict:

Craftsman products are built with pride, so mow flat lawns having corners in less time. Hence, no need to look here and there for more when you have a Z560 by a craftsman. Spend some bucks and enjoy mowing for a lifetime.

An Ultimate Buying Guide To Get the Best Zero-Turn Mower With Steering Wheel:

The easiest to handle zero-turn mowers are best suited to beginners and easy to operate, just like cars. They are also super easy to drive around diverse grounds. But you have to consider some of the necessary features before making an actual purchase. We are going to discuss them in detail in our buying guide.

1.) Engine Horsepower:

Engine horsepower is the thing that determines how your machine is going to work. Good engine power makes the mowing easy, fast, and swift as well. Users who frequently come across lawnmowers know that higher horsepower makes a machine a beast. When investing in a lawnmower, always go for one with higher horsepower as it provides extra stability on hills and rough terrain. 

2.) Cutting Width:

Professional gardeners know that cutting deck trims massive areas in no time, and the recommended deck size for your lawnmower is 50 to 60-inches. The cutting deck having more width is easy to cut perfectly between obstacles comfortably. 

3.) Fuel Capacity 

It depends on your choice as different models of zero-turn mowers come with different fuel options such as flex-fuel, diesel, gasoline, and propane. The model of a lawnmower saving more fuel is the best option for you. If you need our suggestion, we recommend going for the electronic fuel injection system.

4.) Transmission:

The best zero-turn lawnmowers having a steering wheel are equipped with different transmission systems. The dual-level system should be ergonomic to offer the operator maximum control and perfect maneuverability. Make sure to check the features and also the ergonomic transmission of your specific model. 

5.) Weight:

To make mowing more convenient on your large acres of yards, we recommend buying a lightweight mower. When mowing for longer hours, you may get tired, so go for one that can move around fast during mowing or storing in your garages.  It also helps you keep the mower safe from changing seasons, thus automatically preventing it from continuous maintenance and repair. 

6.) Seat:

The best zero-turn mower with a steering wheel should be equipped with a comfortable seat. When you mow hillsides for so long, a padded foam seat will make the mowing session easier. Try to look for a mower providing adjustable seat positions. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Do They Make Zero-Turn Mowers With A Steering Wheel? 

Most of the latest steering wheel models are easy to use, unlike traditional Lap Bar-style zero-turn lawnmowers. Using the steering wheel in a lawnmower is not an old concept. Swisher, Toro, Cub Cadet, GizMow, and Troy-Bilt designed their mowers with steering wheels to offer as tight a turn as possible.

Husqvarna and Troy-Bilt are at the top as their products come with levers and steering wheels from all these brands. Troy-Bilt designed its products with different transmission types, including hydrostatic and Shift-on-the-Go.

Does John Deere Make A Zero-Turn Mower With A Steering Wheel? 

Unluckily, no the brand John Deere stops making lawnmowers with steering wheels. They made those mowers from the year 2001 to 2004 but not now. But you can still get lawnmowers with steering wheels from Toro, Cub Cadet, Troy-Bilt, and others. 

Does Toro Still Make A Zero-Turn Mower With A Steering Wheel? 

Toro is famous for making the best brand and model for your needs mowing. And yes, many of the lawnmowers belong to the Toro brand designed with steering wheels.

How Do You Drive A Zero-Turn Mower With A Steering Wheel?

As the name says,  the best zero-turn lawnmower works by using a durable steering wheel. Move the wheel just like you drive a car, and here you go. Their zero-turn radius helps it to take full 180-degree turns without even moving from its place. Their steerable front wheels and pedal-control movement help for riding and cutting on dangerous slopes. 

Our Wrap Up:

Who can deny the benefits of Best Zero Turn Mower With Steering Wheel because they deliver

beautiful cutting with ease? So, if you want a quality of cut, comfort, and simplify the task,  you can pick steering wheel mowers.

Suppose you are confused among the hundreds of mowers and unable to decide which one can deliver you the ultimate mowing experience. In that case, you can simply explore this article from top to bottom. The mowers reviewed in this article will make short work for every job, save your time, and manage everything carefully.

So, no more browsing, panicking, or confusion; just take out a few minutes and pick any of our reliable Zero Turn Mowers With a Steering Wheel.

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