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Toto Lawn Mower Smoking

Toto Lawn Mower SmokingA smoking lawn mower, whether blue, white, or black, is never a good indication.

Smoke can come from your lawn mower for several causes, many of which don’t require the help of a professional.

In most cases, a homeowner can find out the cause of a smokey lawn mower by observing the color of the cloud that surrounds the engine and then making the necessary repairs before any further harm is done.

It’s important to remember that all mower’s internal combustion engines have the same fundamental components, although the arrangement of those components varies greatly depending on the brand and model. The best way to learn how to reach a particular part of your lawn mower’s engine is to consult the owner’s handbook. Here’s you’ll know how to diagnose and fix the problem of Toto lawn mower smoking without the help of an expert.

So, Why Is Toto Lawn Mower Smoking?

Lawnmower engines typically emit blue or white smoke when some of the oil has leaked onto them from a spill. You may have slopped or overfilled the oil, or you may have added or changed it. Alternatively, you may have flipped the mower over or on its side to do regular maintenance. Mowing on a steep hill might also be the source of headaches. Most mowers’ lubrication systems aren’t tightly sealed, and there’s frequently an overflow oil tank with a relief outlet where extra oil might leak.

Different Types and Colors of Smoke

White Or Blue Smoke May Indicate An Oil Spill On The Engine:

It’s possible that some of the oil spilled onto the engine after you changed the oil in your mower and the engine is generating white or blue smoke. Similarly, mowing on a slope more than 15 degrees or tipping the mower on its side might have spilled oil on the engine.

The smoke may appear terrifying, but it’s harmless. It’s possible to fix this issue by starting the mower and letting it burn up the oil that has leaked out. The easiest approach to prevent oil leaks is to examine your owner’s handbook if you frequently tilt the mower for cleaning or repair.

White Or Blue Smoke May Cause An Overfull Oil Reservoir:

By checking the oil level using the dipstick on the reservoir, you can ensure that you haven’t overfilled the mower. Using a rag, clean down the dipstick, then reinsert it back into the reservoir. To check the oil level, remove the dipstick once again and compare it to the “fill” mark on the stick. Drain the oil and re-fill the reservoir if necessary (see your owner’s handbook for details).

When you’ve added around three-quarters of the required amount of oil, check the oil level using the dipstick. When the oil level reaches the “fill” line, continue to add little amounts of oil. Using the incorrect quality of motor oil might also result in blue or white smoke. To find out what kind of oil your mower needs, go to the owner’s manual.

Black Smoke May Indicate Burning Too Much Gasoline:

The carburetor of your lawn mower controls the mixing of gasoline and air. Adding too much gasoline to the mixture might cause black exhaust smoke if the carburetor isn’t getting enough air. Clogged or unclean air filters may be hindering the carburetor’s ability to receive adequate airflow.

The air filter may need to be changed. Run your lawn mower for a few minutes after that. If the black smoke persists, the carburetor may need to be modified to improve airflow. Take the mower to a mechanic or follow the directions in your owner’s handbook to adjust the carburetor.

You Can Take Your Lawn Mower To A Repair Shop If Necessary:

Blue or white smoke coming from your mower’s engine might indicate a more significant problem such as an air leak in the crankshaft (the cast iron or cast aluminum casing protecting the working elements of the mower’s engine). Some of the engine’s components or seals may have worn out and need to be replaced.

Even after changing the air filter and adjusting the carburetor, if black smoke still appears, you may have a more severe technical problem. All of these issues need the help of a specialist.

If your mower is still under warranty, contact the manufacturer to find out where the nearest service center is located; issues resulting from a manufactured defect or poor workmanship may be eligible for free repairs. An experienced small-engine repair shop can also be used in the absence of warranty coverage.

Troubleshooting and Fixing the Mower:

  • Replace the air filter if necessary.
  • Examine the amount, grade, and kind of oil. If required, change the lawn mower oil.
  • Allow the mower to run until the oil burns off harmlessly if it has gotten into the engine.
  • Make sure you’re mowing at the right angle. Your lawn mower may smoke if the angle is more than 15 degrees.


The most common cause of blue, white, or black smoke from a Toto lawn mower is oil leaking from the exhaust. A sputtering, burning lawn mower may be fixed by learning how to identify and solve the problem.

Gas-powered lawn mowers are a treasure trove of unexpected features. As soon as you pull the starter cord, the engine sputters into motion, followed by a cloud of billowing smoke from both under the mower deck and from its motor.

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