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Why Does My Ryobi Lawn Mower Keep Shutting Off?

Why Won't My Ryobi Lawn Mower Stay Running? Troubleshooting Common Causes of Mower Shutting Off

In today’s busy world where everyone is rushing through things, people demand less stressful goods and do not need much to look after. Be it kitchenware, sports goods, furniture, lawn maintenance, or electronics, everybody likes a one-time investment in reliable products that would go a long way. And finding something of that sort in affordable prices is the cherry on top. We come across one such brand RYOBI, a Japanese manufacturer offering the world high quality and affordable electronics, telecommunication, and automobile industries.

Ryobi masters in making excellent power tools known for their 18V One+ battery system. Ryobi’s faithful customers include DIYers and homeowners who are always looking for pocket-friendly and reliable goods. Despite charging comparatively less for its products, Ryobi does not compromise on its quality which is undoubtedly top-notch. One such portable, affordable, lightweight, and efficient product offered by Ryobi is a lawnmower that requires no maintenance and has easy storage. But the Ryobi lawnmower has an infamous problem of dying, which raises questions like ‘Why does my Ryobi lawnmower keep shutting off?’.

Ryobi Mower Shutting Down Potential Reasons:

 A few potential reasons why your Ryobi tractor keeps shutting down. Here are some common reasons why a Ryobi lawn mower may unexpectedly shut off:

  1. A dirty or clogged air filter can reduce the flow of air to the engine, causing it to shut down. Remove the air filter and clean it, or replace it if it is damaged or excessively dirty.
  2. A dirty or clogged carburetor can also cause the engine to shut down. To ensure proper fuel flow and engine performance, clean the carburetor as described in the previous answer.
  3. Low oil level: To prevent damage, a low oil level can cause the engine to shut down automatically. Check the oil level and add more if necessary.
  4. A worn or damaged spark plug can cause the engine to misfire or shut down. Replace the spark plug and inspect the spark plug wire for damage.
  5. Fuel issues: A clogged fuel line, a faulty fuel filter, or stale gasoline can all cause the engine to shut down or perform poorly. Examine the fuel system for these problems and replace or clean any necessary components.
  6. Getting too hot: If you run the engine for an extended time frame or in warm temperatures, it may heat up and shut down. Allow the propeller to cool before starting it again.


First Verdict:

In synopsis, a clogged air filter, dirty carburetor, low oil level, faulty spark plug, fuel problems, or overheating can cause a Ryobi lawn mower to shut down. You can keep the lawn mower running smoothly and prevent unexpected shutdowns by addressing these issues and performing regular maintenance on it.

Why Does My Ryobi Lawn Mower Keep Shutting Off? ( Detail Explanation)

Because when people are willingly investing in a brand that they expect so much from, this minor inconvenience can make them question their choice of trusting this company, and they might consider switching to other companies from Ryobi, which might lose them their customers, and no one wants to take such a risk. Therefore, we would be looking into the root cause of this problem and how could we overcome this.Why Does My Ryobi Lawn Mower Keep Shutting Off

About Ryobi and Its Lawn Mowers:

Ryobi, owned by techno industries, has been in the manufacturing business since 1943, and because of the versatility and efficiency of its products, it has been the brand of choice for millions of people. Their + ONE range has given them immense recognition in the market. Having ONE + battery means powering over 100+ different tools with one battery because it can fit all the tools in your garden and home, and that makes it the largest wireless platform one battery can power.

Their battery stays for a considerably larger period, making it durable. Even when their charge is near the end, they still perform at their very best because of the brand’s lithium-ion technology and high-quality design. And if you take care of your battery, it will last for about a good 3-6 years. The Ryobi lawn mower can cut thick grass, which is the utmost need of most buyers. And since a lawnmower is something that people don’t want to spend their fortune on because it is used only occasionally, what better to invest other than Ryobi for such a thing?

Why Does My RYOBI LAWN mower Keep Stuffing off and Shutting Down?

Like other large international brands, Ryobi’s products have a few technical problems, too, precisely the lawnmower. One problem that the customers usually report is that the lawnmower keeps shutting off. There are a few reasons why this might be happening, one of which is the fault in the battery. The cells in the battery might be dead, so you must try charging it with a battery charger, but if it does not work, it means the battery is defective, and it needs to be replaced.

You can determine if the charger is defective or not by using a multimeter for proper voltage output or by checking if the outlet used by the charger tripped or not. The second reason behind the mower shutting down is a defect in the voltage regulator. The voltage regulator oversees sending the voltage from the alternator to the battery, thus keeping the battery charged. But if the regulator defects, there is no way the battery would be getting enough voltage, and hence it would drain quickly.

A third reason might be the hardening of the diaphragm that will cause cranking of the carburetor, especially if the mower is a couple of years old. For that, you will have to clean your carburetor, and you can do this either by priming it or by rebuilding the carburetor. Installing a new carburetor would be a great choice, especially if your mower is old. The fourth reason for the continuous cutdown is that the mower’s frame might have loosened up over time resulting in racking the frame from side to side during turns.

If we look at the position of the handle and switch, it is designed so that if the handle bumps into it, the switch would be depressed. Therefore, this racking causes the switch to spring back up, and hence the closed circuit now becomes an open circuit resulting in the shutdown. You can locate this problem by taking off the plastic cover of your mower, and there you will notice a little switch that ensures that the mower will only run if the handle is in a fold-out position. But we do have a solution for tightening the two T25 frame bolts located just above the rear wheels of the mower.

You can also solve this issue but circumventing this little switch to prevent any nuisance in the future. Another reason might be the issue with the safety sensor that gets clipped with a bag, so you need to be careful with that and make sure the bag is fully seated on both sides to avoid this issue. Sixth and probably the last reason for this would be broken wire. While assembling the mower after service or rebuilding, the wire sometimes gets pinched, and as soon as you start the mower, the wire breaks. But like other problems, we have a solution for this one too, that is quite simple, soldering the wire. When you solder the wire, the heat shrinks into it, causing the machine to work properly as before.

Some More Problems with Lawn Mower:

Besides all these troubles that this mower causes, another problem has been reported, but it’s not about the battery this time or the mower getting shut down. It’s about the design of the handle; buyers have been seen complaining about the wide handle of the mower. This hinders mowing near the fence, wall, house, etc., because it is wider than the deck. People are also seen complaining that their Ryobi lawn mower won’t start.

The reasons why this might be happening include damage in the spark plug, clogged carburetor, overfilled engines, damaged flywheel key, clogged fuel filter, bad or old gasoline, broken recoil spring, defective recoil starter, broken recoil starter pulley, broken rewind spring, or broken rewind pulley. But we do have solutions for these issues that mainly include repairing or replacing the particular part or eventually getting the service done. Ryobi lawnmower failing to self-propel is yet another issue that arises within a year or half of buying.

This fact might have something to deal with the V belt, driver’s pulley, wheel assembly, transmission assembly, or misadjusted traction control table. But like other issues, we have this problem sorted as well. With tons of solutions available online and service availability, we can get this out of our heads. The basket of problems discussed above actively demonstrates Ryobi’s need to get these issues under control, or they might lose their customers for lawnmowers. But getting these issues fixed might prove to be beneficial for them.


To sum up, everything that has been stated so far about why my Ryobi lawnmower keeps shutting down, we have listed down a good number of problems, and their respective solutions that would help any individual struggling with their new mower is causing inconvenience. The main reasons behind the lacking of the mower’s functionality are the poor battery that needs to be charged or replaced, defective voltage regulator, diaphragm, sensor, or broken wire.

And if none of these proves to be helpful, then consider it a signal that you might need to get your mower’s service done. Ryobi is a highly successful, versatile, and customer-friendly brand that looks after their customer, and nothing but its customers’ reviews matter to them. This problem is quite an inconvenience for someone spending his earnings on a brand that claims to be helpful and convenient to the market they offer; however, if we are aware of the gaps in their machinery or they’re lacking, they might start working on that.

And we might see a new version of the Ryobi lawnmower with all these gaps and problems sorted. This would also earn Ryobi a good lot of customers and might help them in retaining their old, and faithful customers that have been loyal to Ryobi, and the particular reason for this circumstance would be the regaining of their customers’ trust in Ryobi’s premium quality products.

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