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Does Lawn Mower Gas Go Bad: Everything You Need To Know

Does Lawn Mower Gas Go BadWe know that we use a lawn mower to cut the grass, and grass cutting occurs in the summer or spring season. When the chilly winter arrives, we store our lawn mower, and it surely has some excess gas in the tank. When the winter season is gone, and you will restart using your lawn mower, it will not work.

If you want to make your lawn mower work for a longer period, then you must take care of it while restoring it for the next season. You will be surprised to know that your leftovers in the tank can cause a big problem.

To avoid this situation, this article will help you to know about “does lawn mower gas go bad”. If yes, then how can you protect your lawn mower is also answered here. To know the answers, go through this article thoroughly.

Does Lawn Mower Gas Go Bad?

One of the frequently asked questions from lawn mower users is whether or not the gas they are using for their lawn mower goes bad. The short answer is yes; your gas can go bad if you keep it stored in the lawn mower’s tank for more than three months.

As the gas in the mower’s engine expires, it will start damaging your machine or can make it run poorly.

How Can Gas Damage Your Lawn Mower?

Bad gas can damage your lawn mowers in various ways if it is stored for more than three months.

  • Working Bad:

If gas stays in the lawn mower for an extended period, then it will be turned into a varnish-like thick and greasy substance that can clog up the small fuel ports of your lawnmower and hinder it from performing smoothly.

  • Not Starting:

The internal combustion of your engine will not start because the bad gas can eventually damage the internal components of the carburetor of your lawnmower.

  • Sputtering:

Due to lousy gas, your lawn mower’s small internal combustion engine sputters when you will use it after some time.

How Can You Fix The Bad Gas?

There will be a need to give a good clean to the carburetor, depending on the type of lawn mower you are using and leftovers in the tank. If your lawn mower is not starting due to bad gas, then you have to remove the built-up leftovers that are conjuring out the engine. If fuel lines are also blocked, you have to replace them.

Final Verdict:

So, lawn mower gas can go bad if you do not take care of it; otherwise, bad gas can cause multiple frustrating problems for you. Therefore, to avoid this situation, before winterizing the lawn mower, you should drain out all the gas and make its tank empty. Hopefully, you have to know enough about does lawn mower gas go bad” in this article.

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