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Why Lawn Mower Won’t Stay On: Why? Unfold the Causes!

Yes, many times, it happens that your mower won’t start; despite putting in a lot of effort. There are numerous reasons behind this issue, but the most significant reason is the unavailability of a fresh gas tank. Your lawnmower won’t get started if it does not get appropriate air in the carburetor.

A damaged air filter is also a reason behind the clogging and breakage of the engine that doesn’t let the mower start.

So, it is time to look into the article in detail; find the causes of Why Lawn Mower Won’t Stay On and then figure out the solution. Here you go!

Why Lawn Mower Won’t Stay On – Possible Causes

A lawnmower is a machine that might stop working due to plenty of reasons. Here we are going to discuss a few in detail. Let’s get started!Why Lawn Mower Won't Stay On

1.) Dirty Fuel:

Fuel that lies in the bottom of the motor sometimes evaporates and leaves a sticky residue. The fuel filter, as well as inlet and outlet ports that lead towards the carburetor, get clogged condensation gathers inside the tank in cold and wet winter conditions which prevent fuel from getting mixed. Replacement of old, diluted, and dirty fuel, and adding fresh fuel is not the solution. Always drain off the old fuel from the tank and dispose of it securely as per the local needs. Also, make sure to clean the carburetor ports before going to refill the tank.

2.) Dirty Air Filters:

Motors of lawnmowers have air filters that collect and trap debris and dust. The dust afterward clogs the inner workings of the machine. When clogged, you need to replace them. When the air filter is unable to work properly, the motor ultimately cannot receive enough air that helps to keep it safe from overheating. Inspect the air filters and check if any carbon deposits or oil are there and replace them immediately. Paper filters need quick replacement but foam filters can be used again after washing and drying. It is suggested to replace the air filters after 25 hours of use.

3.) Clogged Carburetor:

One of the reasons lawn mowers won’t stay on is that the carburetors might face some issues used to mixing the fuel and air for internal combustion. The carburetor bowl may be clogged, or the inlet and outlet ports become slimy from fuel residues. Try to remove them and make them clean not with water but by using an aerosolized carburetor cleaner. To remove any sitting sludge try to disconnect the fuel lines and clean them with spray. If the carburetor shows any signals of contamination, then the replacement of fuel filters is also an option. If your lawnmower has a gas cap vent, open it to check for any clogs.

Why Lawn Mower Won’t Stay On – Easier & Quick Fixes:

You look at why lawnmowers won’t stay on, and now we will discuss the possible solution to get rid of this frustrating issue.

1.) Check Air and Spark:

The clogged and dirty air filter won’t allow your engine to get enough air necessary to work properly. Air filters are not difficult to find, dispensing on the design of your lawnmower. You need to remove this and undo any fastening holdings. By doing so, you will notice dirty filters due to oil or carbon deposits.

The air filter is generally cheap and easier to locate, and dirty spark plugs lead your mower towards inferior combustion. To clean dirty plug electrodes, it is possible to take fine grit paper. Another solution is instead of cleaning it go for replacement of plug. The large plug gap will fire on and off, which might be the cause why the lawn mower won’t stay on.

Once you finish resolving the problem of dirty air filters, worn-out spark, or old gas, the only possible cause will be the problems in fuel. Fuel when sitting in the mower leads to many problems. Gas must evaporate and leave a varnish-like residue that blocks the inlet and outlet ports of the carburetor.

2.) Replace Or Clean Loose And Dirty Carburetor:

A loose carburetor makes your engine unable to start fully as it will create an insufficient flow of gas and atomization. Before going to start mowing your lawn, it would be better to check the carburetor.

When ensuring that every part works properly, the next step is to clean it with a good-quality carburetor cleaner as the junk and other residues will leave your mower in critical condition. Due to dirty carburetors, lawnmowers will start and stop just after a few minutes.

3.) Change the Defective Spark Plug Immediately:

Even if you got a new spark plug, it is better to check it anyway because the carbon build-up will stop the plug from working and make it weaken. So to avoid Why the lawnmower won’t stay on issue, clean the plug and wipe the covered electrode from oil and carbon deposits. Go for regular maintenance and change defective or clogged parts on an immediate basis.don’t forget to check the plug wires as they may crack and break with time.

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The Finishing Line:

We have found so many complaints about lawnmowers turning on the issue; thus, in this blog, we have compiled the basic reasons and solutions for this issue. So. to protect yourself from this issue, you can read this article from top to end – keep reading and keep getting rid of the issue!

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