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Which Side of the Lawn Mower Blade is Up?

Proper Lawn Mower Blade Orientation: Which Side Should Face Up?

Maintaining your lawn or yard has now become an easier task than before, as we are now equipped with high-grade tools. Technology seems to have smiled upon us by lending such tools which saved our money and energy. Many of the devices today are now readily available in the market as more n more manufacturers are launching them, ensuring the quality of the product. Choosing the best product for your project will lead to succession.

One of the technology’s blessings is a lawnmower which helps in eliminating dead grass and roots that make up an ugly-looking lawn or yard. It can mow the grass without the individual putting much effort and time, leaving behind a smooth and beautiful-looking surface. But, do you know when this tool will work and perform at its best? Today in this guide, we will be discussing the installation and positioning of the blades that you must correctly set to avoid poor performance.

Identify which side of the mower blade is sharpened and which side is blunt to determine which side is up. The sharpened edge, also known as a cutting edge, is honed to a point and should point to the ground while tapering to the sky. The curved blunt edge should face the cutting deck. So, in this post, we will be answering the most asked question, ‘which side of the lawnmower blade is up?’ so that you can achieve the best out of it.

A lawnmower blade’s cutting edge is normally found on the underside of the blade, facing the ground. This indicates that the blade’s beveled or curved edge should point below, while the straight or flat edge should point upward. Furthermore, ensuring the blade is placed with the proper side pointing downwards is crucial whether installing a new lawnmower blade or replacing an old one. In addition to resulting in poor cutting performance, installing the blade upside down can harm the lawnmower as a whole.

To make sure you are installing the blade properly, it is a good idea to consult the lawnmower’s user handbook or the manufacturer’s instructions before doing so. When working with lawn mower blades, it’s crucial to take all necessary safety precautions, such as donning gloves and cutting the spark plug wire off to prevent unintentional ignition.


Now that you have enough information regarding ‘which side of the lawnmower is up,’ you can achieve the tool’s performance at its maximum. Correct installation of the mower blades plays a vital role in the performance of the lawnmowers.

We’ve indicated above some of the signs that must be considered when analyzing the sides of the mower blade as a bit of incorrection can lead to some severe problems. But there is nothing to worry about; the solutions are based on more straightforward tasks that will help you eliminate the issue within no time, Check out the More Tools Copfrom our Blog.

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