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Why Is My Lawn Spitting Grass – The Topmost Reasons

Why Is My Lawn Spitting GrassAre you an enthusiast of lawns? Are you worried about “why is my lawn spitting grass?” Are you eager to decode the reasons for it? Then, you have selected the perfect article because it has all the information you desire!

In this article, we have given several reasons which can cause the spitting of grass on the lawn.

We are talking about the grass which comes out on the lawn and looks good and fresh but here, we are discussing the grass spitting in the lawn at different angles, e.g., loose or clumped. Isn’t it what you are looking for?

Let’s move toward the multiple reasons which are given below. This article may help you if you are or will face this issue.

Why Is My Lawn Spitting Grass – Prominent Reasons

If your lawn starts spitting out the grass for no noticeable reason, then this article may help you to detect the culprit.

The Grass Is Too Wet:

Trimming wet grass is infrequently a good idea, but it causes a problem too. Wet grass blocks the things up beneath the mower deck, obstructing the mower blades to cut effectively and spit out clumps of the grass which you will need to go back and either collect or terminate and distribute.

Those clumps may burst out the back of the mower, or if things get awful underneath, they may come spitting out the side.

Cutting dry grass is a good idea as compared to wet grass.

The Grass Is Too Tall:

The mistake which is made by many the lawnmowers is that they wait for the grass to get tall. It causes spitting out grass under your mower. Cutting or mulching tall grass can block the things up beneath the deck and cause the grass to come shooting out at weird angles.

It happens off and on but sometimes, if you wait until the grass is too tall to cut it, you may see grass spitting out the sides and front.

The Wrong Types Of Blade:

Lift mower blades are originated to create suction that pulls the grass up towards the blade to create an accurate and clean cut. These blades are in different designs that create different amounts of lift. But their efficiency depends on having a motor that is up to the task.

Now, if your blades make a high lift but your mower engine cannot create a high lift then it may become a cause where the grass is being cut irregularly and some clippings are flying out the sides of the mower.

A Blocked Chute:

Another reason “why is my lawnmower spitting grass” is the blockage/clogging of the chute. We have come to know that wet and tall grass can lead to the blockage of the chute. Once this happens, the grass you’ve cut will go nowhere and come spitting out in different directions.

A Dirty Mower Deck:

To see what is going on under the deck, many residents do not roll over the mowers. When they finally do, they’re often welcoming a thick carpet of grass clippings stuck to the underside leaving just enough space for the blade to spin.

The mowers who want to operate must clean the inner side so that clippings have an unhindered way to the chute. The grass will come spitting out in different directions if the underside of the mower deck is clogged up; some of those clippings won’t find the chute.   

The Thatched Grass Catcher:

The catcher can also be a reason behind grass spitting out from under your mower. For instance, if the grass bag is thatched, it can obstruct airflow. That’s how it can head off the grass clippings from being carried into the bag. It may cause spitting out the sides of your mower.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Some Frequent questions are asked by you. In this article, we have answered those questions. Here they are:

Why Is The Grass Not Going In The Bag?

There can be various reasons behind this. But some of the known reasons are the thatched bag, clogged chute, damaged or worn blade and poor engine performance can cause the grass not to go in the bag.

Why Does My Mower Not Cut All The Grass?

A dull blade or a damaged blade can be a reason because it does not clip as finely as a sharp blade, causing the mower to leave clumps of grass on the lawn.

How Often Should You Clean Your Mower Deck?

Cleaning a mower deck should be done twice or thrice a year. If necessary, it could be done more because when you cut a blade of grass, you ultimately open a wound that leaves the blade of grass, allowing harmful elements such as fungal disease.

The Finishing:

If your lawnmower is spitting out grass, there would be a valid reason behind it, and you need to detect it. You may use the above list to troubleshoot the situation and can take benefit from the given information.

We believe that we have provided you with enough knowledge about “why my lawn is spitting grass”. It will help you in your project and further problems related to spitting out grass. For getting the complete guideline, you need to go through it keenly. Here you go!

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