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Husqvarna LawnMower Starts Then Dies

Husqvarna LawnMower Starts Then DiesDo you have a Husqvarna lawnmower? Is your lawnmower emerging with different problems? Do you want to know why the Husqvarna lawn mower starts and stalls? No worries, we have arranged the reasons and fixation tricks so that you can easily treat your lawnmower without any inconvenience.

Husqvarna LawnMower Starts Then Dies

You just see the tall and uneven grass in your lawn that is giving your lawn an unappealing look, so you decided to do the mowing and took out your Husqvarna lawn mower. But, as soon as you start mowing your lawn mower starts then dies. There are several reasons why the Husqvarna lawn mower starts then dies. But? How can you fix it? Do you want to know? Delve into this article and find how to fix the issue of the Husqvarna lawn mower starting and dying.

What Are The Main Reasons For The Husqvarna Lawn Mower Starts Then Dies?

Dealing with a lawnmower and not maintaining it might be the fundamental reason that lawn mower is popping up with problems.

1.) Inaccurate Or Old Fuel:

One reason for the Husqvarna lawn mower starts and then dies is there is inaccurate or old fuel present in the fuel tank. So, the fuel with more than 10% ethanol makes the mower engine start making popping sounds.

2.) Clogged Carburetor:

A clogged carburetor is one of the most common but troublesome reasons why the Husqvarna lawn mower starts and then dies. The fuel’s constituents start getting settled in the bottom of the carburetor and it becomes clogged due to its gummy fuel.

3.) Rusty Or Broken Spark Plug:

Spark plugs are actually for the kick start to ignite the engine’s fuel and air mixture, and by this explosion, the engine produces power to start the lawnmower. Undoubtedly, spark plugs are the most crucial part of the lawnmower so if the spark plugs get rusty and broken then it will cause the engine to sputter.

4.) Fuel Gas Cap:

This gas cap is usually used to check the level of fuel in the fuel tank so that the user can refill the tank with fuel if there’s any need. While doing this, if the user overdoes the cap then there will be no air passing into it. However, this fuel cap comes up with a small vent hole that allows the air to pass through it, so if it is tightly closed then no air will pass, and ultimately it will enable the “vapor lock”. This will block the flow of fuel and hence it will also make the engine stops which will affect the lawnmower’s efficiency.

5.) Excess Oil In The Reservoir:

Putting too much oil in the fuel tank is also the reason that turns off the lawnmower as there is excessive oil in the fuel tank than the marked point. Also, maybe there is low oil in the fuel which also might be the reason that the lawnmower starts and then dies.

6.) Damp Fuel Tank:

While mowing on the tall and moist grass there might be some water droplets that get into the fuel tank before reaching the engine of the mower. So, the water droplets in the fuel might change the composition of the fuel and so this will make the lawnmower turn off instantly just after starting.

How Can We Fix The Issue Of Husqvarna Lawn Mower Starts Then Dies?

By following the below steps you can easily make your lawnmower work again smoothly.

  • Turn off your lawn mower and then check out the spark plug, if the tip is clogged then try to clean the tip and check if it sparks again, if not then it is better to change the spark plug.
  • Make sure that the vent hole is not clogged or blocked and then again try to start the engine, if it’s not working then better to change the fuel cap as it is worn out.
  • Keep an eye on the carburetor and check out if it is clogged or not if it’s better to clean it otherwise you must change the carburetor to avoid any kind of further problems regarding the lawnmower.
  • Also, if you notice any moisture in the fuel line or tank then it’s better to empty the fuel tank and dispose of it carefully as it is highly flammable. Now, refill the tank carefully.
  • If all that is not working out then better to call a professional so that a proper diagnosis will be done with fixation.

How To Maintain A Husqvarna Lawn Mower?

Taking care of the lawnmower is the crucial step as it not only increases the lifetime of the lawn mower but also makes it more efficient in mowing. So, try to follow the below steps to maintain your lawn mower.

  • Change the air filter constantly to avoid any problem.
  • Better to replace the spark plugs after one or two years.
  • Maintain the quality of any stored fuel so that it will not log the carburetor.
  • Also, use an engine cleaner for keeping the engine healthy.
  • Better not to overfeed the oil reservoir and also use a dipstick to check the level of oil.
  • Lastly, use a carburetor cleansing mist that makes the carburetor tidy.

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If you want to increase the lifetime of a lawnmower and also its efficiency then it’s better to keep your lawnmower clean. Try to replace and clean the filter, cutting deck, or carburetor that might cause any issue to the engine so that it starts making popping sounds and dies instantly. By following the above-mentioned methods you will easily diagnose what’s the actual reason behind your faulty lawnmower and how you can fix all these issues. We hope you find this article; Husqvarna lawn mower starts then dies helpful and informative.

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