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Why Lawn Mower Smokes – Crack the Reasons & Solutions

Why Lawn Mower SmokesAre you finding smoke rising in your garden? Are you confused about why is it so? There could be an issue with your lawnmower. So, you try to fix the engine of your lawnmower – you can resolve the issue on your own or you can make a call to a professional as well.

Well, we have covered you appropriately and hope that you would be able to resolve your issue on your own.

And whenever you are buying a lawnmower, keep in mind that there are a few more things that you need to consider than the size and color of your mower. The foremost thing is to consider the safety of your lawnmower and check the quality of the engine.

Why Lawn Mower Smokes – Crack the Reasons & Solutions

However, cutting the story short; let’s move ahead and figure out the scenarios on why lawn mowers smoke and what are the quick ways to troubleshoot. Here you go!

Quick Troubleshooting Steps:

  • First, you need to verify the filter and then replace it with the new one if it has gt dirtier.
  • Then, you need to figure out the oil level. If you have found any error, fill it at an appropriate level.
  • Then restart your mower and move it for 5-10 minutes; burn off the extra oil that makes its way to the engine.
  • In addition, if you mow at the step angle consistently, it can cause smoke because there is oil leakage. You also need to ensure the safety of caps.

Well, read ahead and explore different types of smoke because every smoke type causes a different issue. Typically, smoke that emits is of three types:

  • Black Smoke
  • White Smoke
  • Blue Smok

Below is the solution and its causes!

1.) What does Black Lawn Mower Smoke Mean?

When you have noticed black smoke from the lawnmower that simply means the fuel systems and carburetor are not functioning improperly. These two systems have the responsibility to regulate the gasoline ratio to air mixture, and when a lawn mower’s carburetor is not getting the required air, fuel systems become too rich and as a result, leave a high percentage of gasoline.

Another reason why lawnmowers are leaving black smoke is that there is an incorrect ratio of fuel to air, and this happens due to worn-out or dirty air filters. For cleaning the air filters, firstly remove them and clean them using soapy water, or it is better to replace them with a new one as per the suggestion written on your lawn mower manual.

Solution: If black smoke is coming out of the lawnmower, firstly go for checking the onsite air filter. Chances are higher that your lawnmower filter is clogged, and due to this it blocks the needed airflow to the carburetor,

Since all lawn mowers are made of different brands, it is suggested to refer to the user manual first and see how to clean the air filter. In general, you have to remove the filter, clean it and replace it if clogged.

When you finished cleaning or replacing the air filters, now it is time to start the lawnmower and check if the issue has gone. If still, the black smoke issue is there, then it may be possible that the carburetor is acting up, so for this, you need to make some adjustments.

Although this step is just related to the adjustment of a screw or two as per the user manual, the best way is to consult with a professional or manufacturer if the lawnmower’s warranty period is still left.

2.) What does White Lawn Mower Smoke Mean?

White color smoke mostly comes out of the lawnmower and this is natural. But if it does not, this is the indication that the lawnmower has more oil reservoir than needed. Due to overfill, the engine burns excessive oil that leaves smoke, and this may happen because of a few reasons.

The reasons include spilling oil on the housing when you take a lawnmower for servicing, and they tilt it too much, or maybe that overfilled crankcase.

An oil reservoir that is filled more can also be caused when you mow the lawn at a 15-degree incline, overfilling of gas tank in case of the 2-stroke mower (the exact ratio is 32:1 gasoline to oil ratio), or maybe the new mower has leftover oil residue.

Solution: The white smoke issue will be finished on its own when you run the lawnmower for a few minutes. This runtime will help to burn off the excess oil. One thing to notice must, if the lawnmower still leaves white smoke even after running it roughly for 15 minutes, it means a bigger issue is coming out of your way.

The first and foremost issue may be that the combustion chamber’s seals are either broken or worn out due to which the oil leaks. Another reason is air leakage in the crankcase, or maybe that the rings and cylinders both are unable to be used.

A serious and attention-taking reason for the white color smoke of the lawnmowers is a malfunction of the head gasket, and it needs a professional to deal with. Check if the lawnmower has a warranty period, then take it to the nearest dealer and claim it.

3.) What Does It Mean By Blue Smoke – How Dangerous is it?

The blue smoke which is emitting from the lawnmower is probably the same as the white smoke. However, it includes: spilling oil when you are filling the crankcase.

Another reason for blue smoke is the wrong oil grade or the tilting of the lawnmower when you are mowing a hill or ditch. If you want angle mowing, you need to keep the spark plug tilted.

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Final Thoughts:

Having smoke on the lawn is a big headache for the operator as well as the neighbors. The fun of mowing turns into the pain; hence, there must be an appropriate quality lawnmower so the mowing could be done at a higher quality as well as peaceful!

We hope your neighbors’ lungs would also be thankful. So, if you have got smoke emitting from your mower, you need to get it fixed immediately. You can read the article till the end and get your issue resolved with ease.

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