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How To Remove A Broken Bolt From Aluminum?

How To Remove A Broken Bolt From AluminumBolts and screws are two important components that are used in various machines and since these two have several similarities, it is crucial to understand the difference between the two. If we talk about bolts, these have huge differences from screws and are majorly used in the manufacturing of complex systems such as automobile structures. 

Bolts are responsible for connecting one part to the other through welding therefore, even the slightest breakage can lead to bigger consequences. When a bolt is broken and stuck in an aluminum block, the task gets even more challenging. Many people fail in removing the bolt from aluminum even after performing multiple attempts. 

How To Remove A Broken Bolt From Aluminum?

The main reason that results in breakage of the bolt is when the wrong size is used or the threaded nut is tightened. To remove the bolt, you don’t only need the right tools but plenty of experience as well. 

Numerous ways can guide you on how to remove a broken bolt from aluminum. After performing detailed research, we have found the best way and explained it in-depth to you in the article below. 

Tools Required To Remove The Broken Bolt From Aluminum:

You cannot remove a broken bolt unless you got your hands on the appropriate tools required to perform the task efficiently. Here are the three important things that you must gather before starting with the final procedure:

1.) Penetrating Oil:

A good quality penetrating oil will help you incredibly in releasing the corroded or rusted bolt. It is suggested to apply the penetrating oil on the bolt and let it soak for some time so that the oil can sneak through as many cracks as possible.

2.) Propane Torch:

Since it is a portable tool, it is recommended to keep a propane torch in your car because broken bolts are also a very common issue found in different parts of a vehicle. This tool is required to heat the surrounding of the bolt so that it leaves the tension. If the crust is broken, use the propane torch to apply adequate heat so that it gets stretched.

3.) Fluted Extractor:

These come extremely handy in removing the bolt as these can get attached to the drill machine. It is better to gather straight as well as spiral fluted extractors before starting the process.

4.) Locking Pliers:

While removing the bolt, there would come times when you will need to apply high torque to untangle the complex joints. This is where the locking pliers come into action. The best thing about the locking pliers is that these get the job done without requiring you to apply immense effort.

How To Remove A Broken Bolt From Aluminum? – 5 Easy Steps

Once you have gathered all of the required tools, make sure to follow the steps below with due care.

1.) Apply Penetrating Oil:

The first step of removing the bolt from aluminum is to prepare it for the process. Take the penetrating oil you are using and apply it properly on the surrounding surface of the bolt and make sure it diffuses through every crack nearby. Leave the oil for a couple of hours so that it is soaked properly.

2.) Use The Locking Pliers:

Fit the bolt into the locking pliers and tighten it very carefully otherwise the broken bolt could be further broken down, making the process even more daunting. Once you are sure that the pliers are clamped perfectly, gently turn them in the clockwise direction and repeat the process a few times.

Again, don’t exert too much force or it would damage the bolt or the aluminum block. In many cases, the bolt comes out in this step but if it doesn’t in your case, move on to try out the next steps.

3.) Heat The Bolt:

Use the propane torch to apply heat but remember, it must not reach the bolt itself. You only need to slightly heat the head of the screw and prevent the torch from heating the bolt. Ensure that the tip is only 1 or 2 inches closer to the bolt because the heat coming from the torch would be sufficient to make the aluminum melt.

4.) Tighten The Bolt:

When the heated part cools down – which generally consumes 10 to 20 minutes, you need to use the locking pliers again. Now that the aluminum block and bolt both are softened because of heat, you must be even more careful while working.

It is advised to practice the process at least 5 to 6 times on a small block of aluminum before doing it on a bolt. If you get successful, you can get the bolt easily removed from aluminum however, if you fail to do so even after several tries, below is another option for you to try out.

5.) File Down The Bolt’s Top:

The last that you could try is to use a metal file and file down the bolt’s top. Apply pressure and make sure that the top becomes flat perfectly. Once done, use the bolt removal tool to take out the broken bolt from the aluminum block.

Note: It is crucial that the bolt removal tool is placed on the flat surface of the bolt and it fits into the right place. You can check this by slightly turning the bolt.

Now twist the handle to the left while pulling it a bit towards the back, this will loosen the bolt. As soon as you feel that the bolt is loosened, lift out the broken part gently and finally get the broken bolt removed from the aluminum surface.

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Final Verdict:

When bolts are present on the aluminum blocks, they are likely to break since aluminum gets corroded. As simple as it may sound but removing the broken bolt requires immense patience and carefulness. 

We hope that our guide on how to remove a broken bolt from aluminum helped you in doing the job yourself without any complications.



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