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How To Remove A Seized Bolt With No Head?

Do you work in a workshop? Are you a household? Or no matter wherever are you working. If you are dealing with any type of machinery, you may have a number of problems but one of these problems is how to remove a seized bolt with no head.

It’s a very big headache when you are disassembling any type of machinery or dealing with machines at your home. It takes a lot of money and consumes much time if you call a technician for fixing this problem. 

So, if you want to know how to remove a seized bolt with no head? keep reading the article. 

Ways To Remove A Seized Bolt With No Head:

There are many ways that you can try to remove a seized bolt with no head. Let’s discuss these methods one by one with the use so, you come to know how to remove a seized bolt with no head. 

  • Blunt Impact
  • Heat
  • Relief Cuts
  • Rock The Bolt
  •  Drill It Out 
  • Weld It Up
  • Air Hammer and Chisel
  • Use Of Bolt Extractor

How To Remove A Seized Bolt With No Head

 Let’s learn these in detail to know how to remove a seized bolt with no head. 

1.) Blunt Impact:

This is usually our first step when we are trying to loosen stubborn bolts. We always use this technique before attempting to remove exhaust studs from a cylinder head. 

There are a few methods to do this.

 One is to hit on the bolt in the center with a chisel or punch. Another is to use a wrench/gun and hit it a few times in reverse and forward. Either of these methods works on the theory of losing the corrosion bond between the threads by vibration or impact.

It works on lightly stuck bolts but isn’t a 100 % winner every time. Remember that it can be combined with many of the other methods to make the work easier.

2.) Heat:

If you have an interest in chemistry you would have learned that when you heat and cool metal it expands and contracts. The way that we have used this method in the past is to heat the bolt until it is red hot. By doing this the bolt expands because of the heat, and when it cools it will contract thus freeing the corrosion bond between the threads.

 A similar way is to heat the body around the bolt to make the hole expand and open up a little bit so that the bolt fits a little looser and can be threaded out. The use of a wrench helps when initially breaking it loosely since the force from the hammering of the wrench breaks the corrosion apart as well. Use penetrants like Kroil or CRC Freeze-Off to get help in the removing procedure.

3.) Relief Cuts:

This procedure is our “sure-fire” method in the removal of most seized bolts. It is not as civilized as the others, but it is a lot faster and the most useful one. In this way, you will be making two-three cuts in the bolt. The purpose is to cut just enough that you are almost all the way through the bolt. 

Then hit the cuts with a chisel and a hammer a few times, thus splitting the bolt and relieving the tension on it. Now you can use pliers to grab the bolt and turn it out. Normally the relief cuts will let the pliers squeeze the bolt enough that it turns out easily.

4.) Rock The Bolt:

This is another way to try early in the procedure of removing seized bolts and with other methods.

When using a ratchet and socket, slowly work the bolt back and forth. It will lose the bolt a bit, until it gets a little tension behind it again, then go back the other way and turn it where you started. Then lose it a little further than the prior one. 

As some of the hidden threads are seen, spray some penetrant on these threads. It can be a slower process, but we have gotten some badly seized bolts out this way, just you need to use a little bit of patience.

5.) Drill It Out:

This is the same as the relief cuts with a little change. This must be used as one of our last efforts. By using a small drill bit, drill all the way through the bolt. This also uses a part of the other methods. 

It heats up the body of the bolt by drilling it, and it also creates a hole in the bolt so it can contract more as you try to remove it. It will help the stuck bolt to turn out quite easily. 

Be careful you need to take the drill just a bit smaller than the diameter of the bolt. At this point, you can carefully chisel or break the bolt in the hole. Then extract the pieces and clean the threads from the hole.

6.) Weld It Up:

Just take a nut and a bolt of a bit larger size, and weld it to the body of the bolt. Once it is welded, fill the nut with weld and run a bead around the base of this nut.

This will help you to put a socket on the body of the bolt again, as well as it creates heat into the bolt that will make it expand and contract, breaking corrosion in some amount. 

7.) Air Hammer and Chisel:

Basically, in this method, we use an air hammer and chisel on the bolt so that the bolt becomes loose. It works with moderate success, but it helps if the bolt is in an open area.

8.) Use Of Bolt Extractor:

There are many types of extractors in the market, you can use any good one. They use hard bits that move into the bolt to remove it. While using it, you need to be careful and not to break the extractor off in the hole, or you are in a horrible problem. 

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Our Summary:

In this blog, I have explained very useful and practical methods so you can easily learn how to remove a seized bolt with no head.  Hopefully, now you will be out of one of the biggest frustrations: how to remove a seized bolt with no head. 

This article will be a lot more helpful in fixing your problems while you are assembling your machinery or even repairing it.

Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks is a DIY lover and an expert of tools to give you detailed unbiased reviews and guides on using and buying great tools for your DIY projects.

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