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How To Fix a Lawnmower Pull Cord That Is Stuck

Unsticking the Stuck: A DIY Guide on How to Fix a Lawnmower Pull Cord That Won't Pull

A stuck lawnmower pull cord can be a frustrating problem, but there are a few solutions that can help. Here’s how to unstick a lawnmower pull cord:

  1. Turn off the mower and inspect the blade for any obstructions. Debris can sometimes get caught in the blade, causing the cord to become stuck. Remove any impediments.
  2. Remove the Spark Plug: Remove the spark plug to relieve any compression that may be causing the cord to become tangled.
  3. Inspect the Cord: Look for any visible damage or knots in the cord. If the cord is damaged, it may be necessary to replace it. Untangle any knots that have formed.
  4. Lubricate the cord by spraying lubricant onto it and allowing it to soak for a few minutes. This can aid in the removal of any knots or tangles in the cord.
  5. Examine the recoil spring: The recoil spring is in charge of retracting the pull cord back into the starter assembly after it has been pulled. If the spring is damaged or broken, the pull cord may become stuck. Examine the spring for damage or wear and replace it as needed.
  6. Reassemble the starter assembly: Once the problem has been resolved, reconstitute the mower and reconnect the spark plug wire.

Some other reasons are:

How To Fix a Lawnmower Pull Cord That Is Stuck

  • Numerous lawnmowers utilize an automated brake feature. The automatic brake is constrained by a lever connected to the lawnmower handle. If you have such a mower where the lever can stop the engine, you need to check this lever, and before pulling this starter cord, just hold it down to prevent hindrance.
  • When soil and trash block the lawnmower blade region, the pull cord gets stuck. Just tilt the lawnmower into its sideways to look at the blade region. And if you locate and blockage, just clean it up to continue with your mowing.
  • A hydraulic lock is caused when the oil gets trapped in the combustion chamber, which might cause the cord to get stuck. To fix this, you just need to remove the spark plug and release the oil and compression by tugging the line. After this, just replace the spark plug and pull the cord to see if it is pulling all the way out or not.
  • Grass and other debris sometimes also bend the blade; as a result of which when the pull cord is pulled, the blade remains non-functional, so you need to replace it with a new and unbent one.
  • Like the blade, the mower’s deck also gets bent, sometimes making the cord challenging to be pulled out and thus preventing the mower from starting.
  • In a self-propelled mower, the blade is connected by a drive belt to the engine. Most of the time, the drive belt gets wedged by the pulley that it weaves around, causing the pulling cord to get stuck. It would help if you pulled it free to let the cord work again.

How To Fix a Lawnmower Pull Cord That Is Stuck


Following these steps, you should be able to unstick a stuck lawnmower pull cord and get back to mowing your lawn in no time. If you are unsure about any of these steps, or if the problem persists, it is best to seek professional help or visit a lawnmower repair shop, Check out the More Tools Cop on our Website.

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