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Can Lawn Mower AirFilters be Washed: All you Need To Know

Using a lawn mower is a great idea to mow grass from small and particularly large yards. But in the end, this is a machine, and a machine always needs human attention to work fully.

You have to clean the blade’s deck, remove grass from the bagger, and much more. Let’s wait!

There is another thing on the lawn mower to clean must. Yes, we are talking about Air filters. Can Lawn Mower  AirFilters be Washed?Can Lawn Mower AirFilters be Washed

To know the answer, have a look at this blog post!

Can Lawn Mower AirFilters Be Washed?

To protect any machine, one of the parts to clean must be the air filter, as these filters will stay the dust away, allowing an engine to function properly.

There are numerous air filters, including foam or air-pleated paper filters. Happily, the dual-element air filters provide double-layer protection as they have both air-pleated paper elements and foam. Yes, you can wash the foam air filters with soap, but replacing the paper air filters instead of cleaning them is suggested.

How Often to Clean a Lawn Mower Air Filter?

In lawn mowers maintenance, replacing or cleaning the air filters is the basic step to making the mower work properly. After every 25 operating hours, it is recommended to clean the foam pre-cleaners. After 300 hours of operation, replaces the paper air filter.

Lawn Mower Paper Air Filters: How To Clean Them?

This is a fact that paper air filters are not designed to clean. When you try to clean them, you will ruin them, and hence, more dust will enter the engine easily. Most air filters are made with a sponge element around them that behaves like a re-filter, and this element needs frequent cleaning. Tap the filter gently to knock off dirt particles. The best suggestion is to replace them.

How to Clean a Foam Air Filter?

The first step is to turn off the mower and pull out the spark plug. Let it cool for some time, then unscrew the housing where air filters are placed. Pull out the foam air filter and wash it with good soap and hot water to remove all grease. Remove the excess water. Add some oil onto the filter and squeeze out the excess oil. Remove dust from the rubber gasket and ensure that it is in good shape. If not, it would be best to replace it. After replacing, cover it and plug the wire to check if the mower works fully.

Final Words:

Can a Lawn Mower AirFilters be Washed? The answer is Yes, but not the paper air filters; you can wash only the foam filters. So be very careful while cleaning the air filters of your lawnmowers. This is a necessary task to do; otherwise, your lawn mower will not function fully. Read this blog post carefully; surprisingly, you will get more knowledge regarding air filters.

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