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My Lawn Mower Won’t Turn Off: Why? [Find The Reasons]

My Lawn Mower Won’t Turn OffAs we know that lawn mower is used to maintain the lawn and cut the grass. Different lawn mowers are used to cut different types of grass. Some lawn mowers are manual and work completely by hand whereas some mowers need gas or oil/fuel to run properly.

On the other hand, some advanced electric lawn mowers have alternators as a battery. This battery is charged through a charging system that exists in the engine of the lawn mower. But these lawn mowers can cause many problems which need to be resolved as soon as possible.

It is to inform you that a lawn mower that does not turn off is like a dangerous weapon in your hand which can harm you in any way. Therefore, you have to troubleshoot the problem as soon as possible and you have to fix it.

Well, let’s have a look at why “my lawn mower won’t turn off” and what are the reasons behind it.

My Lawn Mower Won’t Turn Off

A lawn mower that keeps gulping on after you turn off the motor can be alarming or even dangerous if its blade keeps swinging as well. Now, let’s have a look at why this happens!

Faulty Switch:

If your lawn mower does not turn off, it can have a faulty ignition switch. It can happen because ignition works in different ways. If the engine is working, the switch is in the off position, if the engine turns off, the switch is in the on position. So, if an ignition switch has any problem, your lawn mower won’t stop.

Damaged Cable:

If your lawnmower stays in rain or dust surroundings. The water and dust can cause rusting and corrosion to the cable. Any damage to the cable will not let it work smoothly. That’s how a lawn mower will keep running after you turn it off.

Throttle Issues:

Another reason which can cause your lawn mower won’t turn off is throttle issues. The throttle feeds the engine, so if it sticks open, gas will continue to flow. Therefore, ensure that the return spring on the carburetor is not broken or weakened and that the throttle body is properly lubed.

So, these are a few major reasons which need to be checked if your lawn mower starts making issues. By looking at these problems, 70% or more of them will be solved. It is suggested to hire a professional repairman while checking these issues.

Final Words:

All in all, a lawn mower can become a dangerous tool if it starts causing problems. Hopefully, the reasons which are mentioned above will help you to troubleshoot the issues in the lawn mower.

We believe that this article about my lawn mower won’t turn off” will help you in your further projects.

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