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Best Robotic Lawn Mower For Large Lawns

Best Robotic Lawn Mower For Large Lawns

The look and smell of freshly cut grass are some of the most pleasurable feelings. However, to get a well-maintained lawn, you need a high-end machine with tech mower features. In the case of a large lawn, none could beat the performance of a robotic lawn mower. 

For larger areas, you can also get riding mowers but there are numerous advantages of robotic mowers over ride-one machines. The best advantage is that it is a highly intelligent machine to mow larger fields without even touching the lawn.

Surprisingly, the robotic mowers are quiet and eco-friendly and don’t disturb the neighbors, and are pretty easy to operate. But, can a tiny robot handle your massive yard on its own? Well, yes it can. This garden companion for large lawn lovers has intuitive and extremely easy controls that are why the highly-functional lawnmowers can be operated by simple people.

These machines are available in different models for different lawn sizes so, which robotic lawn mower is perfect for your demand and budget? To find that out, there are numerous factors you must determine which you can check out in our ‘Buying Guide’ section below. 

Before that, we have found some of the best recommendations for the best robotic lawn mower for large lawns that allows a big and beautiful backyard to be maintained on its own. 

How Does A Robotic LawMn Mower Work? 

Robot lawn mowers are like robot vacuums that have the sole purpose of keeping things in your yard tidy. When it comes to working, it isn’t something very complex.

Every robotic lawn mower has batteries as its power source and the components include, AC powered base station, cutting blade, battery-operated motor, perimeter wire, and sensors to prevent rain and going off the property

Now, this wire circles the property from the base to your desired point to lay a border for the lawn mower to work inside that border. Whereas, the base is responsible to charge the mower as well as delivering current into the wire to the terminal. 

Because of the integrated sensors, the charged wire helps the mower turn back to base when the job is done

The battery life of every mower differs from the other since it depends on the battery capacity and size of the mower. For example, entry-level models designed for large lawns can be expected to perform well for up to 4 or more hours. Whereas, models for the smaller yard cannot deliver more than 30 minutes of cutting time. 

A flexible programming option to create schedules for multiple zones is also done. In addition to this, it also provides you with other features such as start/off buttons, a menu for setting essential timers, cutting history, etc. 

Utilizing these features, you can easily program your mower and split larger lawn into multiple zones, and set the mower to target certain zones on priority. 

Why Use A Robotic Lawn Mower For Large Lawns?

A robotic lawn mower works every day and effortlessly handles larger lawns with steep grades and obstructions like trees, shrubs, flower beds, bushes, and ornamental decorations. 

There are several other incredible reasons to use the high-end mower for a large property, such as:

1.) Excellent Coverage:

A robotic lawn mower provides a handful of options for homeowners to handle large lawns without even looking at their backyard. In other words, it maximizes your lawn coverage and consumes lesser time so that you can spend your time on creative and interesting activities rather than cutting grass all day. 

Some best robot mowers for large lawns have perimeter wire and advanced algorithms for total lawn coverage located on the control panel. 

2.) Quiet Operation:

Robot mowers are a godsend for homeowners with large lawns when it comes to engine noise. Fortunately, with these machines, you would have the most peaceful cutting experience with not even a slight noise being produced. 

3.) Amazing Battery Life:

A lawn mower for larger lawns will require a high-capacity battery pack so that the mowing process isn’t interrupted. Commonly, these robotic lawn mowers come with a relatively long battery life to cover larger areas or lawns and include a rechargeable battery pack. 

4.) Works on Sloppy Terrain:

What people love the most is that robot lawn mowers can efficiently navigate through the hilly areas or steep slopes with an excellent cutting performance. These machines are designed to tackle steep slopes and tight angles with ease. 

So, if your gigantic lawn is in sloppy areas, you know which lawn mower to go for. 

5.) Environment-Friendly:

Since these mowers are based on electric motors, there is zero gas emission hence are known to be the eco-friendliest options. 

5.) Highly Dependable:

Forget the professional landscaping services to get your lawn in tip-top shape when you can get your hands on the best commercial robotic lawn mower for large areas. This brilliant machine is highly dependable that even a non-technical lawn owner can handle it

Best Robotic Lawn Mower For Large Lawns

To provide you with a better understanding of what these products have for you, we have compiled a comparison table. From here you will be able to find out about the key characteristics of each product and for what price they are available in the market. 

Depending on your requirements and budget, you can easily select the one you think could be a great match and check out more about it in detail below.  

1WORX WR165 Landroid S● 8” cutting width
● 1/8 acres
● Automatic
● 43.6 Pounds
Check Price
2GARDENA SILENO Minimo● 6.2” cutting width
● 2600 sq. ft
● Automatic
● 13.2 Pounds
Check Price
3Husqvarna Automower 430X● 9.45” cutting width
● 0.8 acres
● Automatic
● 28.7 Pounds
Check Price
4Husqvarna Automower 430XH● 9.45” cutting width
● 0.8 acres
● Automatic
● 32.4 Pounds
Check Price
5Robomow RS630● 22” cutting width
● ¾ acres
● Automatic
● 86.8 Pounds
Check Price
6WORX WR155 Landroid L● 8” cutting width
● ½ acres
● Automatic
● 52.3 Pounds
Check Price
7Husqvarna 450X Automower● 9.4” cutting width
● 1.25 acres
● Automatic
● 30.6 Pounds
Check Price

Let’s dive into the detailed review section of these products!

1.) WORX WR165 Landroid S

WORX WR165 Landroid SThe first product that we are going to discuss is the relatively affordable smart robotic lawn mower WORX WR165 Landroid S. This highly-automated device is good for super busy people who demand a modern lifestyle and don’t want to experience sweaty days of mowing the backyard.


Generally, robotic mowers are much simple to set up and program. If we talk about the WORK WR165, it is a state-of-the-art robot lawn mower with shades of orange and black which looks very elegant to the eye.

Get the leisure of control from this highly-programmable robot lawnmower that includes an LCD screen and 9 buttons control panel. The onboard control panel is used for programming the mower and it has some amazing functions like scheduling cutting times, creating zones, configuring edge cutting settings, or viewing the cutting history.

It is fitted with a spinning disc with razor blades to provide you with a strong cutting performance even in rough terrain and steep hills. It has a cutting width of 8-inches and the dial helps you adjust the cutting height to give your garden a sophisticated look. 


Power-driven by the rechargeable 20V battery, the machine uses a battery-operated motor with cutting blades to trim your uneven backyard. 

What excites the user most about this moderately priced robotic lawn mower is the powerful motor that promises to run 10% more than your traditional brushed motors and provide the highest efficiency.

  • No noisy mower engine
  • Multiple spinning blades
  • Includes Wifi and GPS to locate with phone
  • No options present for remote control


The WORK WR165 Landroid S is a supreme device to handle daily chores. With its help, you can relax and enjoy the green gardens or golf-course of yours and it is perhaps the best-selling robotic lawn mower for property owners.


GARDENA SILENO MinimoIf your lawn is small but has complex designs, the GARDENA SILENO Minimo would be the best choice to perform mundane activities like cutting grass. Eager to know how good it is? Read the details below.  


Made out of highly impact-resistant plastic, the entire machine is robust enough to withstand all seasons even the hard weather conditions, and still not lose its performance quality. Not only this, the mower can work on any kind of terrain including uneven surfaces without any difficulties. 

Note: It is recommended to not use the machine even if it is weather-proof during hard conditions. 

The wireless connection makes operation extremely easy, thanks to the Gardena Smart System. Simply use your smartphone’s Bluetooth to connect to the mower and control it from the palm of your hand. You can also adjust cutting height through a control panel or mobile app.

Its 6.2 inches cutting deck is sufficient enough for small lawns measuring up to 2700 sq. ft. In addition, the CorridorCut and AI-precise perfectly make through different obstacles such as narrow passages, irregular shapes, trees, ponds, poles, flower beds, etc


Being a battery-powered mower, the machine works on a powerful Lithium-ion battery and can work as long as 65 minutes on a single charge. Speaking of the rechargeable battery, the charging time is in hours i.e., 1 hour 15 minutes or simply, 75 minutes. 

The mower is integrated with one of the best safety features i.e., PIN & Alarm System. This anti-theft system requires a PIN to work with a mower and if someone tries to operate it without the correct pin, the alarm would go off. 

  • Great performance
  • Reasonable battery life
  • Multiple safety features
  • Average navigation system


Just like many other robotic mowers, the GARDENA SILENO Minimo also has some downsides but its incredible features such as Smart System, EasyPassage and Eco Mode, etc. outshines the flaws.

3.) Husqvarna Automower 430X

Husqvarna Automower 430XDiscover the future of mowing with the Husqvarna 430X mower. This competent and user-friendly machine loaded with impressive features and functions can do the job on its own. That being said, it is undoubtedly the best robotic lawn mower for large lawns


Stainless bearings, rubber sealing, top-notch brushless motor, and carbon-steel blades account for the exceptional durability of this automower. This is one of the top reasons why Husqvarna 430X stays one step ahead of its competitor mowers in terms of reliability and capability. 

Using the Automower Connect app, you will be able to track the location of your machine, manage and schedule cutting time, and a lot more. Surprisingly, the mower is also compatible with Google Home devices and Amazon Alexa voice commands

Forget those exhausting long afternoons spend on a mower to handle large slopes and uneven terrain and use the 430X mower that works impeccably right according to the size of the lawn you want to handle. Its cutting deck width measures about 9.45 inches. 


This incredible battery-powered mower works for 2 hours and 25 minutes on a single charge however, the battery can be charged within 50 minutes. Impressive, isn’t it? With this power, the machine’s best-suited working area capacity is up to 1,430 sq. ft. 

  • Longer working time 
  • Premium performance
  • 4G cellular technology
  • GPS-assisted navigation
  • Simple installation
  • Features LED headlights
  • No software updates for remote


If you get bored with cutting grass, a robotic mower is a wonderful addition to your garden tool collection. Automated mowers such as Husqvarna 430X is indeed the best robotic lawn mower for large lawns that are also capable of climbing the slopes / going through muddy area / and accessing unreachable areas.

4.) Husqvarna Automower 430XH

Husqvarna Automower 430XAre you searching for a small robotic mower with high cutting capacity and improved battery life without spending a fortune? Look for none other than the Husqvarna Automower 430XH. 


The enthralling physical appearance of this mower is the first reason why you must consider it a great choice. Flaunting the exotic matte black look, despite the small size, the mower looks no less than a beast. 

What impresses the most about this little mowing unit is its capability to not only handle 0.8 acres or (34,848 square feet area) but, any kind of surface. This mower adapts to the terrain and keeps up with the growth of the grass. 

Robotic machines can keep your lawn looking great for summer long and rightfully so, this incredibly versatile automatic lawn mower covers large hilly lawns effortlessly. 


The performance of a robotic mower depends on the lawn’s complexity and working capacity. The 10 Ah battery capacity makes sure that the mower runs smoothly for at least 2 hours and 15 minutes once fully charged. Whereas, if the battery gets dead, you can recharge it within less than an hour i.e., 50 minutes. 

  • Can be controlled from an iOS or Android device
  • Energy-efficient LED headlights
  • Superb mowing performance
  • Touchscreen display and advanced navigation system
  • Lacks a rain sensor


A robot lawn mower can free you from the long working hours of mowing your mighty garden. Therefore, investing in the best robotic lawn mower for large lawns is a nice decision. The Husqvarna 430XH is an excellent choice when it comes to the quality of performance, high functionality, and durability.

5.) Robomow RS630

Robomow RS630Up next, we have another pretty efficient lawn mower from Robomow. The RS630 is a great choice if your garden has more open areas instead of a lot of obstacles and narrow spaces. If so, you cannot find a better mower than Robomow RS630.  


When you look at this machine for the first time, there is no doubt that the unit would give an old-fashioned vibe but when it comes to the working, it does wonder. The incredible build quality with robust plastic components ensures the longevity of the product. 

Under normal weather conditions, the machine doesn’t seem to have any problem working on any kind of terrain. The RS630 can efficiently mow the flat land but, if you own a lawn with a lot of hills and slopes then get one with large wheels to maneuver through the challenging landscape

The cutting width is comparatively wider than other options on our list today i.e., 22 inches. Whereas, the height adjustment options can help you increase or decrease the deck from 0.8 to 3.5 inches. 


Powered by a 26V Lithium-ion battery, the running time is claimed to be between 80 to 110 minutes whereas, the charging time is comparatively high i.e., 90 to 110 minutes. 

Before you begin cutting, make sure that you wire it so that the machine can travel to that zone and cut the grass into a fine, sawdust-like state, similar to the fertilization of your lawn. 

  • Highly efficient
  • Best suited for large areas
  • Bigger cutting width 
  • Powerful blades
  • Complicated installation
  • Old-fashioned technology 


For people in search of a cheaper yet excellent mower to handle large lawns with ease, the Robomow Rs630 would be an ideal choice.

6.) WORX WR155 Landroid L

WORX WR155 Landroid LYou would be highly impressed with the cool and incredibly useful features of the WORX WR155 robotic mower. A blend of fast performance and high precision, this robotic mower right here could be your buck for the bang. 


Its robust construction and somewhat aggressive speaks a lot about the overall performance of the unit. The manufacturers have exclusively designed this machine to handle half an acre of lawn and trim even or uneven fields

The Patented Artificial Intelligence Algorithm (AIA) technology makes it convenient for the machine to pass through the narrowest spaces easily. You will also be enabled to utilize Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or cellular circuitry to track down the mower and progress. 

With a cutting deck of 8 inches and the property of Floating Blade Disc, the Landroid L can clear even the most uneven terrain with no difficulty at all. 


A superbly powered mower integrated with a brushless motor is 25% stronger, runs 50% longer, and runs up to 10% longer than most the other brushless lawn mower machines.

  • Stellar performance
  • Reasonable price
  • 20V powerful batteries
  • Anti-collision control
  • Alarm and GPS to locate if it is stolen
  • No professional installation


A machine that does the job of mowing the lawn perfectly is everything you need. The WORX WR155 Landroid L is a high performing unit that is considered one of the best robotic lawn mowers for large lawns your money

7.) Husqvarna 450X Automower

Husqvarna 450X AutomowerLastly, on our list, today is another marvelous mower from Husqvarna, the 450X automower. If you have a big property with a massive garden, not an average garden, and want to splurge on powerful equipment, this one must be it.  


Just like its other models, the Husqvarna 450X is similar in appearance i.e., eye-pleasing matte black single-color frame. Being a trustworthy brand, you cannot doubt the durability and reliability of Husqvarna lawnmowers. 

The 450X can cut larger lawns with a uniquely powerful cutting system and in its single cutting session, almost 1 acre of land is covered. Having a robot cutter to withstand the climate is indeed a treat and that is what this amazing model is equipped with. 

Having that said, the machine can conveniently handle 1.25 acres or (54,450 square feet area) in very little time and effort. 


Of course, the performance is exceptional. Wondering why? The only reason is its powerful battery. Furthermore, some additional features that add to the overall performance include GPS-assisted navigation, built-in headlights, ultrasound sensor, etc. 

  • Unbeatable time efficiency
  • Quieter mower 
  • Easy to use
  • Great for larger yards
  • Relatively poor battery life
  • Body frame gets scratched easily


Overall, the Husqvarna 450X is a reliable machine with loads of functions. Providing an amazing performance and being widely used for massive gardens, it is safe to say that this is one of the best residential models that can handle 0.20 to 1.25 acres of land.

Buying Guide:

Before you end up falling for the wrong product, we would like to share some important factors to consider before making the purchase. 

1.) Voltage:

Since robotic mowers are all battery-operated machines, you will have to pay close attention to the voltage of the battery being used. As a general rule, a higher voltage would result in enhanced output by the mower. 

2.) Cutting Deck:

A cutting deck determines the area underneath the cutting blades and how much of the land a mower can chop off in one go. Cutting decks with larger wide are likely to work faster. Usually, mowers designed for big lawns offer a cutting width of two feet. 

Note: Many high-end models come with a quick adjustment of the deck for smooth navigation on the contours of the lawn without scalping the grass in higher spots

3.) Installation:

The mower you plan to buy must offer easy installation of software. Such software has several amazing intuitive controls and flexible scheduling capabilities, for example, multi-zone schedules, cutting time management, etc.

Installation of a robotic lawn mower according to the size of the lawn is important however, sometimes the lawn mower manufacturer will do the installation for you. It is suggested to install the mower for best results and provide all types of technical support. 

4.) Sensors:

Sensors play a significant role in robotic mowers therefore, you must look for a machine having an anti-theft sensor for added security. Some come with rain sensors with which the machine can operate in rainy conditions but the caked up grass can clog the deck which requires manual interruption.

The best one would be a mower with a weather-sensing feature that will command the robot to return to base during heavy downpours

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What Is The Biggest Robot Lawn Mower?

The biggest robot lawn mower with the maximum land coverage is the Husqvarna 450X Automower. This compelling mower can cover the largest area of land than any other product mentioned i.e., 1.25 acres.

Which Robotic Mower Is Best?

According to our research, the best robotic mower on our list today is the Husqvarna Automower 430X. Stacked up with a variety of functions and being able to serve the best performance, this lawn mower excels in every aspect.

How Many Acres Can A Robot Mower Mow?

Every model has a different coverage but the maximum number of acres that can be covered by a robot mower is nearly 1.25 acres.

Are Robotic Lawn Mowers Any Good?

Yes, a robotic lawn mower is surely good. The popularity of robotic lawn mowers in the modern lifestyle is crucial because of the evolving technology. There are numerous reasons why buying a robotic lawn mower has become a great choice.

For example, it makes your lawn looks better without letting you move an inch. From grass cutting to shaping the lawn, these little units can handle it all. In addition, a robotic mower keeps you safe from exposure to dust, pollen, and allergens. These also prevent accidents from mowing blades.

Ending Thoughts:

Gone are the days when handling traditional lawnmowers or manually cutting the grass was a common practice. As technology has revolutionized, people have embraced the new advancements and eliminated the old-fashioned techniques.  

Whether you want to invest in a robotic lawn mower or go the old-fashioned way, that’s your personal preference. But, in today’s fast-moving world, sticking to the old methods would give you nothing and will consume your efforts and time. 

A robotic lawn mower is a garden innovation and an exceptional technological advancement that has made the life of homeowners easier. There are several best robotic lawn mowers for large lawns in the market but, choosing the right model for your needs is the goal. 

These robotic mowers are perfect for large lawns and if you own one, make sure to find your best companion.

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