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Best Robot Lawn Mower For Hills – Everything that you Want to Know

Best Robot Lawn Mower For Hills

Are you afraid of mowing on hills? Are you striving for a mower that can assist you in repetitive lawn mowing tasks on dangerous hills? If yes, then you can put your hands into the hills with robotic lawnmowers that can serve you far better than riding lawnmowers or their types because robot lawnmowers can mow every little corner without any hassle.

Moreover, the Best Robot Lawn Mower For Hills facilitates tireless trimming of the steep areas because there isn’t any effort like manual trimming. You can sit back on your chair and easily operate your robot mower, so it can efficiently perform your duties because they are the house of an easily handled program.

The popularity of robotic lawn mowers in the modern lifestyle is crucial; if you get bored with cutting grass, they can perform all your work by themselves.

There are endless quality-dipped and budget robotic lawn mowers, you can buy your favorite picks for robotic lawnmowers and make your mowing done. That is all!

What? Is picking the one mower a hard choice? You don’t know what features exceptional robot mowers include? Why worry you can stay along with us and explore the market’s best five robot lawnmowers.

We have preferred the robot lawnmowers that have a weather-resistant shell, cover odd nooks and crannies looking sharp areas, features touch-screen controls, a large LCD screen for programming, Amazon Alexa or Google Home voice command, and much more. Don’t worry, we have reviewed the mowers in detail, you can explore them.

If you want to undergo the top-pick of 2021 then it is WORX Landroid WR143 it includes a special rotary mowing design, including the number of wheels, that make it run smoothly everywhere on the top of hills. It is a moderately priced robotic lawnmower, but mulches perfectly for healthy grass. It is equipped with powerful features that make it cover certain areas of your lawn, where other mowers fail to go.

So, let’s explore those mowers in detail!

Robotic Lawn Mower For Hills: How They Work

 Robotic Lawn Mowers for Really Steep Slopes carry a lot of benefits as they are easy to operate. They save your energy and mow the lawn as per your needs. The robot lawnmower can free you from long sweaty days of mowing the backyard. 

A robotic lawn mower provides a handful of options to homeowners to handle hills without even looking at their backyard. When we talk about how they look from the inside and what they look like. The first thing to know is that robot lawn mowers are like robot vacuums. 

 When choosing the right model for your needs, check the lawn complexity and working capacity. By doing this you will be able to grab the best robot mower for hills as well as for flat surfaces.

By using various tech mower features, robotic lawn mowers work every day, and robotic machines can keep your lawn looking great in summer long afternoons. Some of the durable models can easily handle 1.25 acres or (54,450 square feet area).

1.) How They Work:

The best robotic lawn mowers for mowing on slopes use battery power to operate, their motor and cutting deck works by using blades, perimeter wire to set up the boundary, an AC-powered base station, and also sensors that help to keep them away from wandering into the streets. 

Connect one end of the perimeter wire to a terminal of the base station. The wire is laid down to the boundary of the lawn and helps in placing stakes. The other end of the wire is connected to the second terminal.  

The base charges the mower and provides the wire with an electrical charge. The sensors then use this charging wire to guide it when moving along the boundaries. It sends back the mower when going out of the boundary reach or when the battery runs out of power.

The obstacles like trees/beds/lighting can cause the battery to drain quickly so a rectangle or square plot should be a must to have. The battery used by the Robotic lawnmowers is rechargeable and runs for almost 30 minutes and gives a fresh-cut appearance to your hilly lawn. This battery-timing is in entry-level models that are used by small lawn owners. 

Best Robot Lawn Mower For Hills for 2021

This article includes the top robot mowers on the market; you can review the features, pros, and cons; this honest review will help you in the decision.

This article also has a comparison table; you can explore it too.

1WORX Landroid WR143● Cutting Width: 7 Inches
●Cutting Capacity: Up to 1/4 Acre
Check Price
2Husqvarna Automower 315X● Item Weight: 32 Pounds
● Cutting Height: 0.8” – 2.4”
Check Price
3Robomow RS630 ● Charging Time: 90 - 110 min
● Battery Type: 26V Lithium
Check Price
4Husqvarna 450XH ● Height: up to 3.6 inches
● Best for Size: 1.25 acres
Check Price
5MowRo Robot RM24● Cutting Width: 9.5”
● Covers the Area: 0.25 acre
Check Price

Here, we are going to jump in our best robot mowers on the market.

1.) WORX Landroid WR143

WORX Landroid WR143If you want to spend your time on creative and interesting activities rather than cutting grass all day, then you must get one of the best commercial robotic lawn mowers for large areas that can suitable for sloped and hilly lawns. Yes, we are here with our first pick, Worx Landroid WR143, an incredibly versatile automatic lawnmower to cover large hilly lawns.

Key Features:

This state-of-the-art robot lawnmower comfortably cuts up to ¼ acres of land in no time. Simply set up this beautifully designed lawnmower, measure the lawn length and width via the Android app, and lay down the boundary wire once. Congrats, it is all ready to mow your lawn by itself.

Robotic lawn mowers need long battery life to cover larger areas or lawns so you can get a clean and peaceful cutting experience. The Worx Landroid WR143 runs for up to 90 minutes with a single charge. The powerfully built battery also charges in 90 minutes and mows 10,890 square feet per charge. 

The Worx LAndroid WR143 is no doubt the best-selling robotic lawn mower for property owners whose app also has GPS which can alert you when the mower gets stuck or leaves the boundary area. 

No one will be able to steal your mower when a mower leaves the pre-set boundaries. The anti-theft protection system helps you a lot in this regard. The “Find my Landroid ” feature lets you use GPS to know the location of your mower. This also helps you to communicate with your mower when the lawn has trees, or different hurdles and allows you to set off the limits for obstacles too.

  • Perfect for slopes and hills
  •  Has theft deterrent system
  • Works in tight spaces 
  • Need more passes when mowing narrow paths

Final Verdict:

Different models for different lawn sizes are showing their presence in the market. Are you getting confused about what to choose? No more, Worx Landroid WR143 is an excellent mower to handle hills with ease. As the robot lawn mowers can efficiently navigate through the hilly areas or steep slopes then spending on one is a great decision to take and maximize your lawn coverage.

2.) Robomow RS630 

Robomow RS630No matter if your yard has a few steep grades or a big hill, we have Robomow RS63, a popular choice for a robotic mower. The exceptional mower comes with a central joint feature that adapts to certain changes in ground elevation from bumps and ruts to even cuts.

Key Features:

The blade cutting system and excellent cutting deck give you a cutting height of 7-inches. It also Good slope capability of 20-degrees. The blades give perfectly cut edges and do not leave grass on your lawn.

Now the Robomow RS370 is ready to mow from the garden’s hills and slopes via its amazing power output and battery life. The 26V Lithium battery charges fully in almost 90 – 110 minutes and gives you a working time of 80 to 100 minutes. This is excellent timing for any mower to operate on hills.

The 3/4 acre (32,760 square feet) is a massive garden, not an average garden; yes this mower is capable of mowing this much bigger garden and works with Bluetooth technology also. With Bluetooth and the My Robomow app, the machine is ready to work from any time, any place.

The guidewires help the mower when stuck or cross the wire boundary, and this will be done by the app. You can monitor mowing progress via an app and also change the mower settings. If you are working via the Amazon Smart Home system, use the Alexa voice command to speak and let the mower follow your orders. Robomow ships with a rain detector that sends back the mower when the rain comes during mowing time.

  • Works with Alexa and Bluetooth
  • Built with anti-theft technology
  • Give excellent running time
  • Software issues
  • Does not work in the rain

Final Verdict:

The Robomow RS370 mower adapts to the terrain and keeps up with the growth of the grass, with another great feature named Turmobow, which shows changes in the density of the grass. This senses whether the grass is tall or thick and adjusts the height accordingly. So, guys, grab it now and make the mowing job easy and breezy.

3.) Husqvarna Automower 315X

Husqvarna Automower 315XAre you worried about how to mow grass from hilly areas of your garden? We are here with a solution. Get the Husqvarna auto-mower 315 X best robotic lawn mower for cutting high grass, both from hills and flat yards. 

Key Feature:

If you want to install guide wires around your lawn, then no tension about how to do it. This lawnmower comes with everything, so just bring it home, install it by yourself, and here you go—no need to spend extra money on hiring professionals to do this for you.

The automaker connect app allows you to know the mower location, track changes, manage cutting schedules, and much more on your smartphone, Amazon Alexa, or Google Home devices. This is something very unique indeed!

There is no need to fear for the safety of your kids and pets, as this stunning robotic lawn mower has lift and tilt sensors that keep it safe from collision and shut down automatically if anything comes in front of it. Plus, you can enjoy mowing at night time because of the headlight and noise reduction features.

The Husqvarna specializes in lawn maintenance, and you can control it by using smartphones and other devices. This also offers you the facility to adjust the cutting height from 0.8 to 2.4 inches as per the requirement of your small lawn.

What makes it perfect for small gardens and urban yards is its compact design, X-line wheel caps, and lightweight feature. This small lawnmower is designed specially to cruise around your yard, which is not so big. This machine carries a weight of 28.7 lbs and is easy to transfer from yard to storing area via an integrated carrying handle.

  • Lightweight
  • Compact robotic lawnmower
  • Has carrying handle
  • Offer height adjustments
  • Not good for large lawns

Final Verdict: 

This lawnmower has an exceptional value for small yards of 0.4 acres that needs to be mowed regularly. The time and money-saving machine will surely be your best partner and stand with you for years. So, grab the Husqvarna auto-mower 315 X, and thank us later.

4.) Husqvarna 450XH 

Husqvarna 450XHAnother great robotic lawn mower belongs to the renowned brand Husqvarna whose reputation and quality are unbeatable. Husqvarna 450XH mower can self-level over rough terrain for even cutting and keep your yard looking sharp. 

Key Features:

Caring for your lawn is now the responsibility of your lawnmower, whether it has small flat areas having tall or thick grass. The great news about this mower is that it works via the Automower app. This app has a GPS tracker to set off-limits areas around trees or other obstacles digitally.

This lawnmower is not only ideal for lawns having slopes but also for flat or even lawns. Set up a guidewire around your lawn’s boundaries and let it go to mow an area of almost 1.25 acres. It can mow the grass from a slope of 24-degrees.

The auto-mower will give loud alarms if someone tries to steal it without your concern. In this situation, turn on the GPS tracker and find its location comfortably.

The battery runs for almost 270-minutes and does mowing operations for 60 minutes. While mowing for an hour, this mower will mow an area of 2239 square feet. Now mow your large lawn in no time, save time, save energy more.

Husqvarna 450 XH cuts grass from the edge of your lawn, The automaker app also works even during rain, but the app cannot detect puddles, standing water, or mud, so it avoids operating when the lawn is wet. 

This beautifully designed lawnmower provides the cutting height of 2-3.6- inches and more efficiently in no time but keep in mind that a narrow cutting path reduces efficiency.

  • Rugged construction, 
  • Adapts to the terrain of any type
  • You can give command at any time
  • The cutting deck is narrow

Final Verdict:

We are giving you the guarantee that not only the steep bumps on the lawn but the entire surface of your lawn will look bright, sharp, and elegant when mowing with Husqvarna 450XH. Try it yourself and feel the difference. This machine uses robotics to deliver everything that you ever wished for in your lawnmower.

5.) MowRo Robot RM24

MowRo Robot RM24Do you want to invest in a robotic lawnmower or go the old-fashioned way? Surely you want to have your energy and time. That is why we are presenting you our next pick, the quality-built lawn mower, MowRo robot RM24. The perfect mower to keep your lawn in tip-top condition.

Key Features:

Enjoy peace of mind when mowing your small yard with MowRo RM24, as it has bump sensors in it. These sensors change direction and avoid other objects that come in their way by mistake—certainly the feature for those who have naught kids and pets.

The battery of this mower takes 90 minutes to charge fully and runs for almost 120-minutes. There is no need to monitor and switch the battery as it will come back to you automatically when running a sort of power. So cool!

This best Robot Lawn Mower for Slopes allows you the ease of mowing. Just set the time, mowing schedule, and boundaries and let it go. All you need to do is touch the button and turn it on or off the dial.

The blades are packed inside a protective Mowing Blade Guard that allows grass to pass through while keeping other things around it safe This exceptional device offers a cutting height of at least 2.5-inches. It also navigates around shrubs, trees, and other obstacles.

Although the PIN prevents other people from using your device, one thing which is not so good is to recover a stolen mower is quite difficult as it comes without any GPS tracking facility.

  • Has PIN-based security system
  • Perfectly sufficient for small areas
  • Easily control your lawn boundaries
  • It runs after every 48 hours
  • Anti-theft alarm and alerts  are missing

Final Verdict:

Keep yourself away from expensive large machines and try the MowRo Robot Rm24, a relatively affordable smart robotic lawnmower just to give your small lawn a carpet-like feel. Attention professional and small-lawn owners rush it to grab it before it gets out of stock.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What are the Exclusive Features of the Best Robot Lawn Mower For Hills?

The Programming is done via onboard control panels having on and off buttons, and menus for

Creating zones, running diagnostics, scheduling cut time, and viewing the cutting history. You wish to mow in a quiet environment and all mowers are operated with a 55db to 60db range, but some of the modern-day mowers leave 75db of noise. 

Quieter mowers allow you to handle mowing jobs at night, with the headlight grass growing like lightning. So avoid going for louder ones as they do not help at night. So we suggest you cut larger lawns with a uniquely powerful cutting system, and experience a greener, healthier, and fuller lawn, in short, a neat and beautiful lawn.

How To Install The Best Robotic Lawn Mower For Hills?

A robotic lawnmower for hills is a supreme device to handle daily chores and let you enjoy the time rather than exhorting all day long by cutting the grass. It is time to get rid of handling traditional lawnmowers or manually cutting the grass. Go for robotic machines that are

mowers designed for big lawns that offer a cutting width of two feet. 

Robotic mowers are perfect for hills, and light-duty mowers are the cheapest and not so difficult to install. But sometimes, it is tedious when the lawn is large. All manufacturers provide online video tutorials and manuals having written instructions. They also deliver a spool of wire, a measuring tool for wire, and stakes for holding the wire in its place. 

Just install it, relax and enjoy the green gardens or golf-course of yours. Most of the time, mower manufacturers install them, and you can also get help from a certified dealer. Before doing this, you have to keep some money in your pocket. Once your outstanding robot mower is installed and ready for programming, all you need to do is clean the cutting deck, and change blades after some use.

Here we are going to dive into the buying guide- stay along!

An Ultimate Buying Guide To Get The  Best Robot Lawn Mowers For Hills:

When going to buy the best robotic lawn mower for dealing with hills and slopes. You have to keep your focus on many essential points. First, check whether they can mow on hills and inclines smoothly. If yes, they are considered ideal for the steepest grades, but this is not all. Let’s check out what are the other factors that need your attention.

1.) Cutting Area Capacity:

The brands of mowers were not joking with you when they told you about how much square footage and acreage capacity their machine has. People who are used to robotic mowers know that they offer Outstanding maneuverability, and manage different slope degrees by following random mowing patterns and preset algorithms. 

They also work efficiently with different mowing schedules. They offer pre-define mowing zones, and mulching capabilities so, choose wisely according to your lawn size.

2.) Wheel Design and Traction on the Drive Wheels:

Wheel design and traction play a part in moving the mower on inclines. Most of the brand designs focus on the stability and traction of the drive wheels. Great wheels can climb and maneuver on hills efficiently. When you have come across heavy-duty work or uneven terrain, the wheels with less traction may get slipped especially when mowing wet grass on slopes.

Some of the mowers are specially made for heavy-duty mowing work on steep inclines, the challenging terrain with trees, shrubs, and gardens, and slope rating. So, it would be great if you check the gradient of a slope, and buy one which shows high compatibility with your hilly yard.

3.) Weight Distribution:

Different brands manufacture different mowers that have their weight distribution. The thing adding up weight in the mower is motor positioning. Before choosing the Best Robotic Lawn Mowers for Hills and Slopes, go for ones whose weight is evenly distributed means weight is more on wheels. If your yard or garden has uneven or undulating areas, and mowers need to traverse very narrow pathways and complex areas, then always pick the lightest model. 

4.) Mowing Deck:

To cut through grass even with obstacles and for flawless mowing, the robotic lawn mower comes with a superbly built mowing deck. All of them provide different cutting widths, so it is better to check the lawn condition and get one that is best Suited for hills. 

5.) Rain Detection:

We know that robotic lawnmowers produce a fine and delicate cut, handle inclines. But what if you are living in a rainy region? Stay calm today; most of the mowers add an exceptional feature named a rain detector that helps machines to work in rainy weather. You cannot need to worry if you mistakenly leave your mower out in heavy rain. 

6.) Battery Life:

 Robot mowers are a godsend for homeowners with hills and let you enjoy the no noisy mower engine as it operates using a battery. To move on inclines, you need more power than when mowing on flat lawns. It means the battery should be capable of cutting long run-time per charge. 

The number of hills and slopes in the yard dramatically affects the operation time of your robotic lawnmower. So always check the brand recognition and reputation before getting the best robotic lawn mower for hills.

Bottom Line:

By keeping the importance of robotic lawn mowers in consideration, we have covered every possible information about robot lawnmowers here. The robot lawnmower can cut down the time of mowing. Moreover, it also performs several other tricky tasks, like aeration, fertilization, pre-emergents, overseeding, or treating pest problems.

So, investing in robot lawnmowers is all safe, and picking from our reviewed robot mowers is super-safe. So, review our proven robot mowers and make your hills mowing like butter!

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