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Best Riding Lawn Mower Under $1500 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Riding Lawn Mower Under $1500

Homeowners with bigger yards, gardens, or golf courses can only take care of their backyards if they mow with a riding lawn mower. Because, a self-propelled, walk-behind, or any other mower that requires you to push and walk will make you tired before you even handle an acre.

Well, it’s clear that riding lawn mowers are way better than any other type of mower but the biggest concern with these lawn tractors is that they are super expensive. Not everyone is willing to spill thousands of dollars from their pockets.

Therefore, we researched to help you purchase the best budget riding lawn mower without spending a dime. 

After spending a ton of hours we were able to make a list of the best riding lawn mowers for under 1500 dollars to help you purchase a cheaper lawn mower without putting a dent in your bank.

All these affordable riding lawn mowers under fifteen hundred dollars are hand-picked to help you handle a smaller yard of 1/2 or 1 acres to 5 acres or even 10 acres as well. They are capable enough that you won’t be missing anything regarding features or performance.

Before you start reading the reviews of these riding lawn mowers, take a look at the editor’s recommendation that can save you time.

According to our editors, the Troy-Bilt 382cc is the best riding lawn mower regarding the price bracket because in this price range you can get premium features of the most expensive lawn mowers. This electric mower is an eco-friendly machine that has 5 adjustable deck settings allowing the mower to do miracles on rough terrain, uneven ground, or hilly/steep slopes.

Not interested in this one? Let’s discover other riding lawn mowers for 1500 bucks.

What Type Of Riding Lawn Mowers Under 1500?

There are four different types of lawnmowers; you can pick the one that suits your needs, your yard, and fits your budget. So crack the description of each type to make your selection easy.

1.) Mulching Lawn Mowers:

The riding lawn mowers offer mulch and are best for cutting shorter blades of grass. The mulching lawn mower cuts down the grass into small pieces and mixes it with the ground with enough nutrients. These nutrients work as fertilizers for your soil. They are considered the best riding lawn mower under 1500 as they save the time and effort which could be spent in fertilizing and clipping the grass.

2.) Rear Engine Riding Mowers:

 Rear-driven mowers are perfect for small grounds as they are compact, have less width, and have small decks. They are easy to manage, and spending money on them is also not so difficult. But one drawback of them is that they are slower because of their engine’s less horsepower.

3.) Zero-Turn Mowers:

The zero-turn riding lawn mowers are not affordable. People usually use them for industrial use and if they are professional lawn caretakers. When considering the best riding lawn mowers under 1500, zero-radius mowers are a viable option.

The great thing about them is that they provide a 360-degree angle, especially when your lawn has obstacles. They give a smooth, significant shift, built with an adjustable steering wheel and seats. Some of the models have suspension to make the seat comfortable for the operator. And it is better to pick one where the seat is positioned in the center of your back. 

They are not only used for yards having hills, and uneven terrain but used for flat surfaces also. Their four-wheel-style steering gives incredible maneuverability over different types of terrain. The cutting decks are usually larger and broader and work at high speeds for cleaner and more precise cutting. Users can also attach different mulching kits, baggers, and trailers. The land of 1 or 2-acre size is best mowed with zero-turn mowers.

4.) Lawn/Garden Tractors:

If you own l or more acres, lawn tractors or mowers are the best options to go for. They are powered with 18 and 2-horsepower engines and are durable, top-performers, and fast mowers. In lawn tractors, a cutting deck is present between the front and back axles. 

So if you have a budget or 1500S, then going for lawn/garden tractors is the best decision ever. Since they work with higher horsepower, you can attach other implements and use them for plowing, mowing, towing, and hauling. 

When you go to the market and find the best riding lawn mowers, you will notice that their models and price level vary and you may get confused. Not all of them are best for your lawn needs. So choose wisely as per the condition of your lawn.

How Do Riding Lawn Mowers Work?

Riding lawn mowers are easy to operate and powered with significant engines having enough horsepower. 

Their cutting blades spin during cutting and cut grass smoothly. Users can sit over the deck and cut grass either by using a sterling machine or levers. Steering wheels are easier to use than levers. They have manual, hydrostatic, or automatic systems to operate. Most of the models also offer different height adjustments depending on the grass height. 

They are known as lawn tractors as they have proper steering, large wheels, and smooth movement. Smooth movement means you can handle tricky turns and corners. Most anti-scalp wheels do not scarr the lawn and keep the soil level as before. 

Most of the riding lawn mowers have gasoline power or work mainly via using diesel. They are designed with rollover protection system cup holders, brakes, and seat belts. They are ideal for maintaining large acres of yards.

They also use less energy and power than walk-behind mowers. Riding lawn mowers are best suited to farmers, household owners of yards, different landscapes, and those who have yards of acres. 

Best Riding Mower For Small Yards for 2021

This article includes top-notch mowers of the most remarkable brands. You can explore their features, pros, and cons to get to know which one fits your yard. 

We also have a comparison table for you; to know about the features of our chosen mowers, you can also dive into the table.

1Husqvarna MZ61● Cutting Width: 61-Inches
● Weight: 770 pounds
Check Price
2Husqvarna YTH18542● Power: 18.5 HP
● Cutting Width: 42 Inches
Check Price
3Troy-Bilt Neighborhood● Cutting Width: 30 inch
● Engine: 382cc
Check Price
4Craftsman 17ARFACT091● Cutting Width: 5 Inches
● Engine Horsepower: 23HP
Check Price
5Snapper 360Z ● Cutting Width: 52 Inches
● Number of Positions: 13
Check Price

So, without further ado, here we have a review of the most excellent mowers under 1500 only.

1.) Husqvarna MZ61

Husqvarna MZ61After searching different lawnmowers, we found Husqvarna MZ61 trusted lawn tractors as the most reasonable investment for homeowners. So, if you want to get a durable and top-quality mower that is small but powerful, you must give it a try to our top pick. 

Key Features:

The 61-inches more enormous deck allows you to clip out accumulated grass easily. The deck gives clean cuts via its 3-blade cutting system. No matter how big the grass grows on your lawn, this cutting deck is enough to handle it.

This is undoubtedly the best commercial-grade zero-turn lawn mower powered with a superb engine providing immense power. The Briggs and Stratton engine operates by using 27 horsepower.

This gas-powered lawnmower has a 5-fuel tank capacity, which helps to work speedily and cover more extensive surfaces in less time. This mower cuts around 4.2 acres/hour to big or hilly terrains with an unbeatable speed of 18500 fpm.

The ergonomically designed cutting deck easily tackles various small mowing jobs, cutting shrugs, and performing grass-trimming jobs on even surfaces and hilly terrain. This perfectly designed lawnmower is built with alloy steel that increases durability.

Safety comes first. That is why it is designed with a rollover protection system, a comfortable seat, and excellent levers. Besides all this, the clipping can be mulched, discharged, or bagged by using bagger and mulching kits.

  • It comes with a reasonable price tag
  • Has a powerful engine for taller grasses
  • Enough capacity gas tank
  • Convenient to use
  • No con

Final Verdict:

Based on the size and geography of your lawn, you chose a lawnmower. The Husqvarna MZ61 restfully manicured and maintained the property of the small and more expansive yard. The well-balanced design makes it easy to manipulate and cut the grass in no time.

2.) Husqvarna YTH18542

Husqvarna YTH18542Don’t ruin the beauty of your lawn with less expensive and less powerful mowers when you have Husqvarna YTH18542 on the market. The lawn mower manages all your unique moving needs and gives an excellent cutting experience.

Key Features:

This great mower by Husqvarna is designed for hassle-free navigation with hydrostatic transmission, making it the best to move on the rugged terrain of up to 2 acres. This will also deliver the gardening experience which you ever wished for.

The compact size of the mower makes it easy for you to store comfortably in your small garages. The foot-pedal operated transmission allows you to change the speed by using your feet. It is also great for driving control, and you can change speed by using the steering wheel.

The Husqvarna YTH18542 cutting deck has a 42-inch height which also has air induction cutting technology. Through this technology, the air quickly passes from top to the bottom, keeps the mower cool during longer mowing hours, and prevents clumping and rowing of wet grass underneath the deck.

This lawn mower carries an incredible Briggs and Stratton engine to manage the heavy-duty tasks of your extensive lawns. This engine works with 18.5 horsepower offers supreme quality and is also easy to start.

This mower is available at a highly affordable price made of anti-scalp wheels gliding through grassy areas. The front wheels are smaller than the back wheels, but all are best for smooth movement.

The best riding mower under 1500 for your property is also designed with a 16-inch tight turning radius to make it fantastic to move between trees or tight spaces and on hurdles and obstacles.

  • Gives clean cutting
  • Zero-turn mower
  • Perform heavy-duty tasks also
  • Little heavier

Final Verdict:

The Husqvarna YTH18542 is the most reliable and comfortable riding lawn mower that requires little maintenance. A compact lawn mower that you can load on your truck for transportation offers you an excellent riding experience.

3.) Troy-Bilt Neighborhood

Troy-Bilt NeighborhoodGiving the untidy lawn a beautiful look is the dream of every landowner. To do this task, you will need the most durable riding lawn mower perfect for homeowners. So why look here and there for more when we have a stunning Troy-Bilt neighborhood, the best home riding lawn mower for you.

Key Features:

Troy-Bilt Neighborhood Rider is a compact, sturdily mowing machine that is best to get minimum mowing experience. This mower carries a 1.3-gallon fuel tank that makes it the perfect choice to mow over small-to-medium-size lawns that are at least 1 acre in size.

Enjoy hassle-free reverse and forward ride with this great lawn mower that gives you 6-speed transmission for adjusting the height as per the needs of the lawn. Thanks to the excellent design and larger rear wheels and smaller front wheels, it can perform mowing jobs perfectly on any type of terrain, whether hilly or rough. 

The cutting deck is made with a 30-inch height and offers an 18-inch radius to improve maneuverability between flower beds, shrubs, and trees. Not only this, but it is also great for doing heavy-duty mowing.

The 382cc robust engine has a handy auto-choke feature which makes it easy to start. It also provides you with an option to adjust the cutting height from 1 ¼ to 3 ¾ inches depending on the surface condition. Once you set the height, the blades give smooth and clean cutting speedily and cover a large area in no time.

  • Give active mowing session
  • Designed with a mid-back seat
  • Smoothly run on rugged and uneven landscape
  • The seat needs to adjust more

Final Verdict:

So beginners who need trimming more massive or bumpy lawns but never did this before. No worries, the Troy-Bilt neighborhood riding lawn mower easily cuts grass from small-to-mid-sized areas. The easy to operate is ideal for handling versatile gardening needs.

4.) Craftsman 17ARFACT091 

Craftsman 17ARFACT091Lawnmowers and professional garden caretakers, if you are searching for a good riding lawn mower for the money of $1500, they must get the Craftsman 17 ARFACT091. We bring it to you because this is from the list of highest-rated lawn tractors. 

Key Features:

You will enjoy the reliable and easy start with no prime and no choke via its stunning Kohler Twin Cylinder Engine, which is easy to start whether it is snowing or the sun shining.

The  Craftsman 17 ARFACT091 comfortably swipes and fulfills all grass trimming needs by not only flat surfaces but also enough for cleaning the patches of grass in your yard. The engine operates with a horsepower of 23hp.

The excellent lawn mower is suitable for taking up larger jobs as it has a foot-pedal hydrostatic transmission system that gives easy control and a better ride. The gas-powered riding lawn mower has a fuel capacity that is enough to mow your large garden.

The two small front wheels and large back wheels offer smooth movement on uneven surfaces. The durable steel frame enhances the durability and life of this mower further.

From the best tools and equipment for the house, we have this lawnmower which has a 46-inch deck allowing you to cut grass more smoothly. The deck also offers you to adjust the height as per your requirement. The height can be adjusted from 3.75 inches to 1.25 inches.

Another feature making this lawnmower an extraordinary machine is its exceptional maneuverability which you can get because of the zero-turn radius. The advantage of zero-turn is to eliminate overlapping and deliver clean cuts.

  • Zero-turn lawn mower
  • Lightweight machine
  • Cost-effective model
  • It comes without a foot brake

Final Verdict:

To find a zero-turn mower under 1500 is no more a hectic job to do.  Craftsman 17 ARFACT091 is a powerful riding mower at an affordable price tag that gives a zero-turn radius facility to mow the vast stretches of grass effortlessly.

5.) Snapper 360Z 

Snapper 360Z To make cleaning and maintenance jobs a breeze in your backyard, they must look for our next pick. A product from renowned brand Snapper comes with the name of Snapper 360Z, a highly durable, feature-packed product to make your mowing job the best. 

Key Features:

Riding lawn mowers are made with modern engines with higher cutting power, just like this mower has. The Briggs and Stratton high-quality V-twin engine is brilliant enough to handle the thick grass cutting needs. The engine starts with a single key and requires no priming or choking.

The 52-inches cutting deck is the strongest ever to make your uneven lawn clean, brighter, and more beautiful. With this lawnmower, you are allowed to alter the height of the mower blade from 1.5 to 4.5 inches. 

Snapper 360Z also provides speed adjustment and surprisingly gives 13-different cutting positions. So no matter how big the grass grows on your lawn, adjust the position of your mower and enjoy mowing.

Snapper does not include steering wheels in this machine; instead, it operates via lever-controlled transmission. Simply move the lever right and left and move forward or backward. 

The mid-back seat provides comfortable and long rides on uneven surfaces. Along with the bigger wheels, make the machine fully maneuverable too. Move the lever carefully and make the grassy ground ready to use for events.

  • The driver feels safe while mowing
  • Move on steady hills also
  • Incredible height adjustment options
  • The riding mower is less tiring
  • No con

Final Verdict:

Why look for more machines when you have snapper 360-Z. The lawnmower is equipped with a highly durable fabricated Steel mower deck, which offers a limited warranty also. It also has a rear cargo bed of 50 pounds which you will not find in any other mowers.

An Ultimate Buying Guide to Grab The Best Riding Lawn Mower Under 1500:

To get a riding lawnmower for less than 1500 dollars is not as simple as it looks. Let’s get deeper into some of the essential factors to consider before buying the cheapest mower.

1.) Price:

There is no need to make your wallet empty on expensive machines over 1500 dollars. But the price depends on the model, blade width, and size. A small lawnmower will cost you less. But the large mowers will cost you slightly over a thousand dollars. 

2.) Fuel Capacity:

If you are in love with the lawn, then you must clean the grass regularly. Therefore, it is suggested to go for a lawnmower having high-fuel capacity. The small lawnmowers mostly do not need a much larger fuel tank.

3.) Engine:

Pick the engine with horsepower according to the type of green surface. A single-cylinder engine is enough for occasional cutting. But it would be better to get a V-twin cylinder engine having higher horsepower if you are mulching the grass, using a mower for mowing, plowing, or cutting. Engines made with higher horsepower also cut the grass speedily and smartly.

4.) Maneuverability:

Better to go for a mower having a tighter turning radius to quickly move around the obstacles, garden beds, stumps, and trees standing closer to each other.  Zero-turning radius also offers more excellent maneuverability. Keep in mind a mower with a small deck mows easier than larger models. 

5.) Safety:

You should know all the safety precautions before using a riding lawnmower. Closely look at the type of lawn and grass, and make sure there are no shrubs, pebbles, and stones on the way to keep you safe from any malfunction. 

So if you have a tight budget, and want to get a lawnmower costing under 1500 dollars, then keep yourself safe as life is your priority. Always wear goggles, long pants, and ear mufflers for protection of yourself. Check the landscapes in front of you and surfaces that can become hot when the engine is working.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Who Makes The Best Riding Lawn Mower? 

Frankly speaking, the best riding lawn mower is the one that satisfies your needs better. The lawnmower que and enough for the lawn’s geography and size offer a grand bargain to you. Some trusted brands making top-notch riding mowers are Snapper, Husqvarna, Troy-Bilt, and John Deere.

What To Look For In A Riding Lawn Mower?

Below mentioned features are necessary to look for the best riding lawn mowers under 1500.

  • Easy to operate and must have some safety features, e.g., rollover protection, and seat belts. 
  • They have a fuel tank window to keep an eye on the level of the fuel
  • Must be eco-friendly
  • Leave no emissions
  • Transmission type and cutting deck size which suit the mowing needs
  • Should have anti-scalp wheels as Anti-scalp wheels ensure the mower doesn’t slice off significant bits of grass
  • 2-year warranty offered to you by the manufacturer

These are the things that make any riding lawn mower the best machine.

What Is The Best Way To Cut Grass With A Riding Lawn Mower?

There is no specific approach to cutting grass using a riding lawn mower. Some love the spiral and rows cutting style, while others prefer to cut in straight rows. To choose the best style, you have to consider some considerations, such as distance and square footage. Turns also matter a  lot which you can enjoy with a zero-turn riding lawnmower.

Our Takeaway:

When it comes to cutting the grass from different grass, bushes, and small fences, you must need the best lawn mower. And one thing more, if your budget is tight, then finding the best lawn mower under 1500 is the best decision to take.

Purchasing a yard tool is not as simple as you might be thinking. You are supposed to consider all the necessary specifications, features, pros, cons, and maintenance. But no need to get tension because we have compiled a list of best riding lawn mowers under 1500. All these mowers are affordable, easy to operate, and designed with sturdy material.

So, choose one and enjoy the most stylish, decorating, and dreamy yard.

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