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Best Lawn Mowers For Steep Banks – Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Lawn Mowers For Steep Banks

Do you ever wonder how those hilly and winding lawns look so aesthetically pleasing? It is because their owners mow efficiently on steep surfaces regularly. This is done using the highest-rated type of mower for steep hills. 

So, are you also in search of the best mower for hillsides with an outstanding ability on slopes that effortlessly make your slopy lawn graceful by trimming the steep areas? If yes, this article has everything you must know. 

Garden beds on steep banks and slopes are all fun and games unless you have to mow them. Generally, the ride-on mowers are riskier and can be used for only extreme situations, whereas self-propelled mowers are exceptionally well for the majestic hilly lawns. 

When it comes to finding the right mower for steep banks, there are several things you need to keep in mind. These factors are also discussed in the article; make sure you check out the section’ Characteristics of a lawnmower for steep banks’. 

To assist you with the right purchase, we have done ample research and found some of the best lawn mowers for steep banks. We urge you to check out all the fantastic options for lawn mowers for cutting through the hills below and choose your perfect fit. 

What Type Of Lawn Mower For Steep Banks?

Before choosing a good mower for a steep bank, you must check how the terrain of your yard. Does it have an even surface or a rough one? Is it hilly? Can you see wild grass or the entire lawn with numerous obstacles?

Make sure to have a clear image of your garden’s landscape because, for example, if you have an extremely hilly landscape, operating a ride-on mower won’t be a good choice here. Similarly, pushing a mower yourself and going up and down would require immense effort. 

Here are a few different types of mowers for steep banks that you can consider: 

1.) Walk-Behind Mowers:

The cheapest option is walk-behind mowers, and they are the safest and give you freedom and flexibility to maneuver. The reason these walk-behind mowers are helpful for steep banks is their easy operation and super easy maintenance. 

Walk-behind lawn mowers integrated with a self-propelling system are considered a better option than the regular walk-behinds. This is because the self-propelled units are operated via some easy-to-use navigation buttons, making maneuverability much more convenient. It also saves you from losing control of your machine. 

Note: Walk-behind mowers are much more affordable and are suitable for large-sized lawns spread across acres. 

2.) Zero Turn Mowers:

The characteristic feature of a zero-turn mower is its exceptional ability to use its hydraulic speed and turn at an angle of zero degrees.

The idea of using a zero-turn mower to keep your sloping lawn in style is indeed great; many homeowners, as well as professional lawn care persons, use these mowers. 

The lawn mower recommended for steep land on a big yard with loads of obstacles is the zero-turn mower. Additionally, a low center of gravity in commercial mowers such as a zero-turn machines distinguishes them from working brilliantly while mowing a lawn with steep hills.

3.) Ride-On Mowers:

Since riding mowers can tip over quickly and are dangerous, they are considered very vulnerable on steep areas. Therefore, if you plan on getting a ride-on mower, make sure it has wider tires for traction on all types of lawns

Furthermore, the riding mowers are expensive but suitable for hilly lawns and easier grass cutting.

Riding lawn mowers are like a tractor on which you can comfortably sit and steer on the lawn, and they are expensive.

Tip: Only mow the lawn when the grass is dry since these mowers fail to perform the job well on damp grass. Make sure to follow this tip, especially while mowing the hilly area, because it can slide down on slopes because of the slippery grass surface. 

Characteristics Of A Lawn Mower For Steep Banks:

Whether you are looking for ordinary lawn mowers or great mowers with an easy-start engine, the following are the essential characteristics to look for in it is a must. 

1.) Engine:

When it comes to the key characteristics, engine type is the most crucial factor to look for. There are three kinds of these engines, gasoline-powered engines, electric engines, and battery-powered engines

  • Gas-powered – The most consistent and efficient type. Gas-powered mowers require you to keep an eye on the fuel tank as well.
  • Electric – As the name suggests, the corded lawn mower for steep banks is operated via an electric power source. 
  • Battery-powered – These neither require refueling nor any cord to operate; in fact, these work on rechargeable yet powerful batteries. 

2.) Deck Size:

A deck size defines how fast you will mow the lawn; the deck size ranges from 14 to 30 inches or even more. Depending on your usage and the area that needs to be mowed, you must select the deck size. 

Generally, more enormous decks have more expansive cutting areas and are ideal for larger acres to mow since they get the job done much faster. Whereas narrower decks can move around obstacles expertly, providing you with an immaculate and appealing lawn. 

Note: Machines with smaller deck sizes tend to work slower than those with larger decks. 

3.) Rear-Wheel Drive:

With the rear-wheel drive, you will experience better traction than the front-wheel or all-wheel drive. Front-wheel drive is excellent for smoother terrains and not for steep ones whereas, the larger-sized rear feels you are why you get enhanced traction.

4.) Ride-On vs. Self-Propelled:

As mentioned earlier, ride-on mowers are likely to indulge in an accident if used for steeper banks but, the self-propelled conquer the steep banks majestically. Commonly, a walk-behind with a self-propelling system is the safest mower for steep hills.

Having that said, a self-propelled mower trumps over the ride on the mower when it comes to going uphill or downhill for convenient mowing. 

5.) Attachments:

The best mower is compatible with multiple attachments that ultimately add to the machine’s versatility. These attachments include mulched kits, baggers, headlights, adjustable-height blades, etc.

Best Lawn Mowers For Steep Banks

Do you want to get an overview of all the products before diving into the details? Say no more! 

The table below shows each product’s key features and price on our list of the best lawn mowers for steep banks. 

1Honda 664100 HRX217VKA● 21″ width
● 89 Pounds
● Manual
● Honda GCV200 Engine
Check Price
2Honda 663030● 21″ width
● Honda GCV170 Engine
● 20 Pounds
Check Price
3Troy-Bilt 12AGA2MT766● 21″ width
● 85 Pounds
● Automatic
● 159cc OHV Engine
Check Price
4Snapper XD 82V MAX● 21″ width
● 90 Pounds
● Manual
● Lithium-ion batteries
Check Price
5Honda HRX217K5VYA● 21″ width
● Honda OVH 4-stroke engine
● 105 Pounds
Check Price
6Husqvarna L121FH● 21″ width
● 80 Pounds
● 149cc Kohler Engine
Check Price
7Snapper P2185020E● 21″ width
● 85.2 Pounds
● Briggs-Stratton Engine
Check Price
8Honda HRS216PKA● 21″ width
● 63 Pounds
● Honda 166cc GCV160 Engine
Check Price
9RYOBI B083Y6N4V5● 20″ width
● 47 Pounds
● Lithium-ion batteries
Check Price
10Worth Garden 19 in.● 19″ width
● 85 Pounds
● Lithium-ion batteries
Check Price

Let’s now discuss the details of each product. 

1.) Honda 664100 HRX217VKA

Honda 664100 HRX217VKAMade by a reputable and renowned brand, this machine has a lot more than one’s expectations. Though it comes with a hefty price tag, it is the proper walk behind the mower for hills to splurge on. 


Featuring an ingenious design, the machine has four wheels that are crafted exclusively for convenient movement. The cutting deck is constructed using exceptionally premium-grade material and is backed up with a lifetime warranty by the company. Isn’t it unbelievable yet impressive?

Being one of the best lawn mowers for steep banks, this machine isn’t short of valuable features and offers seven cutting height adjustment options, i.e., from 0.75 to 4 inches.  


Powered by a compelling 200 CC Honda GCV200 engine, the mower doesn’t disappoint with its performance. 

Lawn with steep hills or slopes requires a mower that allows you to control speed; thanks to the Select Drive system of this mower, you can change the forwarding speed of the machine up to a maximum of 4 mph.

  • MicroCut System
  • High-tier mower
  • Finer grass cutting
  • Pricey 
  • Heavy 


The best lawn mower for steep slopes should be fast and efficient. Fortunately, the Honda HRX217VKA is a high-quality lawn mower that knows how to do the job well.

2.) Honda 663030

Honda 663030Integrated with the engineering principles and thoughtful innovation, the Honda 663030 is a famous grass cutter and surely a top-rated lightweight push lawn mower for hills. This time-saving and reliable mower is highly popular amongst self-propelled mowers.


The higher-end construction of this mower ensures its longevity whereas, its robust cutting deck with a width of 21 inches covers most of the lawn in lesser time. You can keep the grass length right according to your preference with the height adjustment feature. The height can be adjusted between 1 to 4 inches. 

Furthermore, the 3-in-1 feature of this mower allows you to mulch, bag, or side chute the grass clippings. The twin blades cut the lawn with detailed accuracy that too, pretty quickly. 


Speaking of the performance, Honda engines are already renowned well they never fail to amaze the consumers. This self-propelled machine is equipped with a Honda GCV170 engine that guarantees superb power even through the roughest garden bed. 

Mowing the steep hilly slope will become even more convenient with this mower because it enables you to control the speed up to 4 mph.

  • 3-in-1 machine
  • Fast debris decomposition
  • Powerful engine
  • Suitable for hilly ground
  • Hard to sharpen the blades
  • Expensive


The Honda 663030 is ideal for lawn mowing and can be pushed around even steep hills, making it an excellent mowing machine.

3.) Troy-Bilt 12AGA2MT766

Troy-Bilt 12AGA2MT766Troy-Bilt is a renowned brand when it comes to outdoor power equipment. Having been in the market for more than 80 years, they have developed a versatile electric mower, i.e., the Troy-Bilt 12AGA2MT766 self-propelled 3-in-1 mower.


Say goodbye to the continuous pulling of the cord to start the machine as the Troy-Bilt lawnmower has a push-button electric start. Moreover, the 30-inch deck has five cutting heights and significant maneuvering, making it one of the best mowing. 

What’What’sessive about this 3-in-1 lawnmower is that it can mow up to half-acre without any difficulty. If you happen to own a small yard with an even surface, we advise you to spend your money on this exquisite lawn mower by Troy-Bilt.


Regardless of its compact size, the machine has a powerful 382cc Powermore AutoChoke engine that can handle any type of overgrown ridges and bushes. 

The 3-in-1 lawnmower comes up with a discharge chute, mulch kit, and a bushel rear bag to help you build up a neat and healthy lawn.

  • Supreme maneuverability
  • Easy to start
  • Includes a mulch kit and rear bag
  • It doesn’t well on steep slopes


The Troy-Bilt 12AGA2MT766 is a top choice to have if you are looking for electric mowers because of its reliability, easiness, and variety of features.

4.) Snapper XD 82V MAX

Snapper XD 82V MAXThe Snapper XD 82V MAX cordless electric lawn mower is the best choice for house owners who own a medium-sized backyard or garden. Let’sLet’s take a deep dive into its features and find out why this is an attractive option to have.


With just 90 pounds, this cordless mower is one of the lightest and easy to use. It has a push start button and includes seven different cutting heights to get the premium cut for your grass. 

Also, you will find the 21-inch steel mowing deck with options to mulch, side discharge, or bag the clippings.


Performance is of supreme level with the Snapper XD 82V MAX since this electric cordless mower has a battery-powered engine. The 2.0 lithium ion-powered batteries by Briggs & Stratton can give you a total run time of 90 minutes when it is fully charged. 

  • Simple and effective
  • Seven height adjustment options
  • Batteries drain within time


If you’re reing for walk-behind mowers for trimming your garden and giving it a neat look, the Snapper XD is an excellent cordless walk-behind mower to buy.

5.) Honda HRX217K5VYA

Honda HRX217K5VYAAnother reliable and durable lawnmower from the brand Honda is the HRX217K5VYA Versamow System. Made purely from NeXite, the self-propelled machine is simple yet amazing to use and packed with tons of handy features.


First of all, let’s about the rear-wheel-drive system that gives you real-world drive and works exceptionally well for hill and slope areas. Just be sure to have the machimachine’sand, and the Honda drive system itself will do the rest.

The Honda HRX217K5VYA lawnmower does it all thanks to the Twin Blade MicroCut system from leaf-shredding to sideway mowing. The blades are integrated with four cutting surfaces to bring precision to their cuts. Also, the deck 21-inch does not rust or corrode over time.


The machine has a gas-powered system; however, it is fuel-efficient and fitted with the robust Honda 187cc GCV190 engine and the mechanism of Autochoke. 

Even in wet conditions, you can mow the lawn easily by adjusting the clip director to mulch without any clumps.

  • Smooth drive
  • Sharp blade cutting system
  • Heavy-duty
  • No electric start button
  • Relatively expensive


Whether you have an even surface or even overgrown ridges and uneven surfaces, the Honda HRX217K5VYA will work its way through to give your acres a neat look.

6.) Husqvarna L121FH

Husqvarna L121FHHusqvarna is a distinguished brand that is known for its wide range of lawnmowers. If you happen to own a place near a steep bank, then the Husqvarna L121FH walk-behind lawn mower should be your go-to choice.


The L121FH is very comfortable to use. It is fitted with soft grip handles that make it very relaxing to use. It also has big rear wheels that are way bigger than the front wheel to give precision, control, and maneuverability.

Moreover, the handle is also foldable, which comes in quite handy to store the machine. 

If we talk about the deck of this monster machine, it is 21-inch and can be adjusted to 4 cutting heights. 


The front-wheel-drive mower is integrated with the robust 149cc Kohler engine and has a fuel tank of 0.3 gallons. It also includes throttle control, and once combined with the front-wheel-drive, you can sail your way to cut the uneven grass.

The L121FH can also mulch, collect, or rear ejection as well without any hassle.

  • Front-wheel drive
  • Handle height adjustment
  • Easy to assemble
  • Belt-driven cable has no adjustments


The Husqvarna L121FH front-wheel mower is powered by the Kohler engine and has some fantastic features that make it the best choice for steep banks.

7.) Snapper P2185020E

Snapper P2185020EThis mowing machine from Snapper makes a competent gasoline-powered lawnmower capable of doing lawn mowing jobs with sheer perfection. It is a combination of convenience and performance that makes it worthy of every single penny it is priced for.


Just like always, the manufacturers have prioritized the unit’unit’shness and durability by crafting it with premium-grade materials. Like almost all the other mowers on our list, the Snapper P2185020E also has a 21-inch cutting deck. 

However, its innovative vacuum system allows you to bag the grass clipping into the bagger attached. You will also have the option to choose between a mulching kit or side-discharge to collect these clippings and other debris.


Finding a mower that tips such scales at a lean isn’t; thanks to this mower from Snapper, it truly meets almost every kind of mowing requirement. The tremendously 190cc solid engine by Briggs and Stratton produces enough power to mow any kind of terrain.

  • Seven height adjustment levels
  • Comfortable drive system handles
  • Offers speed control
  • Expensive
  • Complex assembly


Ingeniously designed and engineered with top-of-the-class technology, the Snapper P2185020E is without any doubt one of the most exceptionally working and the best lawn mowers for steep banks.

8.) Honda HRS216PKA

Honda HRS216PKAEngineered by Honda, you can’t this machine from failing in delivering the best performance. To know what features this lawnmower is stacked up with, check the details below.


Similar to other mowers by Honda, this unit has a similar design. The cutting deck is 21 inches wide and hence can mow a medium-sized lawn quickly. Since it is a walk-behind mower, you will be offered convenient maneuverability on steeper banks with some minor bumps.

Control the speed of your machine according to the requirement with the intuitive Smart Drive Speed Control and adjust the height of cutting blades with the six height adjustment levels.


The engine that Honda itself provides powers this highly functional mowing equipment, i.e., 160cc GCV160. This engine is capable enough of handling any kind of grass growth in extreme conditions as well. 

Also, with the Honda Auto Choke System, you can simply start your machine without having to choke the engine.

  • ComfortErgoactive handle
  • Flywheel brake safety system
  • Durable
  • Great performance
  • It doesn’t speed control


The Honda HRS216PKA comes with various valuable features and technical specs that all account for the overall incredible experience of land mowing.

9.) RYOBI B083Y6N4V5

RYOBI B083Y6N4V5Another highly functional lawn mower based on a self-propelling system, this capable machine from Ryobi manicures your garden bed with high precision.


Flaunting a very appealing and foldable design for compact storage, this lightweight lawnmower has high portability. No one prefers a mower that is too bulky to transport from one place to another and eats up lots of your storage space. If you have similar preferences, this one could be an excellent choice for you. 

With a cutting width of 20 inches, you will get a big part of your yard covered in a significantly reduced time. Additionally, seven different height adjustment options allow you to get the exact length of your lawns as you desire. 


When we talk about the performance of this mower from Ryobi, there is nothing that disappoints. The power to the machine is provided by a 40V 6 Ah Lithium-ion battery. Fortunately, the battery and charger come with the package. 

The battery time here seems to be a bit disappointing, i.e., 45 minutes run time only but, with the lightning-fast charging, you can get the battery back to work in no time.

  • Easy to transport
  • Height adjustment options
  • Compatible with bags and mulches
  • Poor battery life


Forget the hassle of refueling the mower now and then or connecting it to the nearest power source with this impressive cordless, self-propelled, and electric mower.

10.) Worth Garden 19 in.

Finally, the last product from the category of the best lawn mower for steep banks is this amazing machine from Worth Garden. Check out what this machine packs in it for you.


The blue and red appearance gives the mower an appealing look, whereas the sturdy construction adds to its durability. This high-powered and efficient lawn mower can chop off 19 inches of a lawn in a single go and therefore does the job quickly. 

On the side, you will see an adjustment lever that allows you to increase or decrease the height of the cutting deck. At the rear end, there is a grass catcher with a capacity of 60 liters, with which you won’t interrupt the mowing and empty it once the entire lawn is covered.


Since it is an electric-powered mower, it uses two powerful 84V Lithium-ion batteries. The running time of these batteries is 60 uninterrupted minutes. The battery pack is present at the front end that is secured by a battery pack cover. 

One of the best things about this mower is that it comes with batteries and a super-fast charger that can charge it up as quickly as 30 minutes.

  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Brilliant performance
  • Fast charging batteries
  • Battery time could’ve better


While searching for a lawnmower that ensures efficient working on vertical slopes and does not create a large footprint, this model from Worth Garden is an ideal pick.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What Kind Of Mower Is Best For Steep Hills?

Out of all the different kinds of lawnmowers, the one considered the best is the walk-behind mower. The reason is the increased safety and easy maneuverability of these machines. 

How Do You Mow A Steep Bank?

The best way to mow a steep bank is by mowing equipment to roll downhill and then going uphill again. This not only prevents the mower from rolling down but also creates an appealing pattern.

How Steep Of A Hill Can A Riding Mower Go?

A regular walk-behind lawnmower can incline the lawns with steep slopes and ridges at an angle of 20 degrees. At the same time, the ride-on machines are comfortable to mow the steep lawn up to an angle of 15 degrees.

How Do You Mow A Steep Hill With A Lawn Tractor?

If you are using a lawn tractor, you must be very careful in mowing the land. In such cases, the best approach to mow a steep hill is by proceeding very slowly and steadily. Never speed up the tractor, as doing so on a hill can cause you to lose control.

Final Thoughts:

Maintaining the lawn is costly, and therefore, choosing the best lawn mower for the steep bank must be made after essential considerations. The machine must be powerful enough to tackle hilly and uneven terrains and offer outstanding balance on these slopes/uneven terrains. Moreover, these must also have a superior build and cut quality.

We learned from the above guide that there are different kinds of mowers based on their power source. It revealed that the gas-powered mowers are energetic, and battery-driven push lawn mowers for hills are not suitable but are eco-friendly. However, gas-powered lawnmowers produce more noise and pollution than electric ones.

There are numerous best mowers for steep hills that you can find in the market available at different prices. The majority of them are generally costly, but you can find some affordable models for most homeowners to afford if you are on a budget.

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