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Best Budget Angle Grinder

Best Budget Angle GrinderAn angle grinder is a valuable tool for many professionals, building contractors, motor mechanics, and even DIY enthusiasts. DIYers and motor mechanics can cut through most materials with exceptional ease and efficiency.  What do you think, you have to spend a lot of money to buy such beneficial angle grinders? No, angle grinders can be bought at a lower price; many angle grinders are available at $100.

Angle Grinder substantially increases your productivity, saves your time, and gives you excellent performance and dependability.

It is synonymous with superior quality – the motor is backed by a top-mounted and protected spindle lock button to maximize the depth of the cut. Similarly, handles are ergonomic, making them easier to hold when one grinds for a longer period. The All-Ball Bearing Design And Metal Gear case or Housing are For long-term Durability. 

The Best Budget Angle Grinder is comfortable for longer operating hours or enhances maneuverability and comfort when working at awkward angles. So, you can save your money and buy such low-prices and heavily featured angle grinders.

So, do you want to buy it? You can get into our list of Best Budget Angle Grinders and pick the one that suits you because each of our budget angle grinders is reliable and worth buying. In our list of best budget grinders, BLACK+DECKER Angle Grinder is the leading one due to its high-quality materials to make it easy to use. It is a compact unit that delivers exemplary performance, and its easy-to-use mechanisms make grinding much simpler.

This entry-level angle grinder makes the tool comfortable to use and protects you from fatigue.

So, you can confidently buy this well-featured and high-quality budget angle grinder to ease your construction process. you can scroll down to explore more about the Best Budget Angle Grinder.

What Are Some Safety Tips For Using An Angle Grinder?

Angle Grinder Is Ideal For Sharpening, Cutting, Grinding, Removing Rust, And Surface Preparation. But this is a tool that needs some precautions when using different materials. You have to follow simple tips to overcome the chance of injuries. Let’s have a look at them in detail. 

  • When using an angle grinder, make sure that sparks and debris fly away from your face or debris doesn’t affect your vision and respiratory system. To avoid this, always wear work gloves and a face shield so the sparks can’t injure your eyes or protect them from the sparks and splinters. 
  • Unplug the angle grinder to prevent any unwanted injuries when switching disks.
  • It is better to operate the tool with both hands and maintain a firm grip. Otherwise, the angle grinder may slip, and it will cost you much.
  • Use a hand guard to protect your hands during use.
  • Always make sure that there is no one close to you when using bulky and heavy-angle grinders.
  • Wear safety goggles to protect your eyes.
  • Try to pick an angle grinder having a Motor with decent power as the Powerful Motor Delivers For High Output Powerfor heavy-duty and casual use and is great for a stronger level of grinding.
  •  Never use long sleeves as they may contact the angle grinder, which is very harmful in the end. 
  • If any flammable object lies close to your tool, make sure to keep them away, so the sparks don’t ignite the flames and cause burning.
  • Use Thicker Coil Wires To Reduce Heat And Energy Loss.
  • Although quick-change wheel release allows tool-free wheel removal and substantially improves the experience, when you change the wheel, try running it for 2 to 3 minutes to check it is compatible. 
  • Sometimes you have to use the angle grinder on concretes, so always use specialized blades and materials.
  • Professional knows that Segmented rim angle grinder concrete blades are handy when doing dry cuts on concrete. Turbo rim angle grinder diamond blades are designed to work at really high speeds cutting through concrete or perfect for a dry or a wet cut on concrete. Remember that continuous rim angle grinder diamond blades are unfit for cutting through concrete as they do not have a proper system for cooling.
  • One thing more, try to ensure that the angle of your tool is right. Use your angle grinder at a position where debris does not make direct contact with your eyes.  

Best Budget Angle Grinder

Angle grinders are not very expensive; even a high-quality angle grinder is available at an affordable price. We have filtered the top-notch brands and their superb models. Thus, you can get a combination of optimum quality, low-price, and high-grade performance. 

Here we will dive into the review of our picked products, but here is our comparison table, so crack it first.

1BLACK+DECKER Angle Grinder● Voltage: ‎120 Volts
● Motor: 6 Amp
Check Price
2Bosch 4-1/2-Inch Angle Grinder● Weight: 3.75 In.
● No Load RPM: 11,000
● Voltage: 120V
Check Price
3Metabo HPT Angle Grinder● Motor: 6.2 Amp
● Power: 980W
Check Price
4CRAFTSMAN Small Angle Grinder● Item Weight: 4.56 Pounds
● Voltage: 120 Volts
● Motor: 6 Amp
Check Price
5DEWALT Angle Grinder● Max Horsepower: 1.14 HP
● No Load Speed: 12,000 rpm
● Use Wheels rpm Above: 12,000 rpm
Check Price

Here we are going to review the angle drive, which is affordable and worth the price.

1.) BLACK+DECKER Angle Grinder

BLACK+DECKER Angle GrinderWithout any doubt, we can say the Black+Decker Angle grinder is the best budget angle grinder, under $100 as the brand gathered numerous worthy features in one tool. Over time, it greatly improves your efficiency and productivity when polishing, grinding, or cutting through different materials.

Key Features:

If you want versatility, power, and efficiency in one product, then BDEG400 is your product mate. The 6 amp motor delivers up to 10,000 RPM and makes your workflow much faster, no matter whether it is related to cutting, sharpening, grinding, or cleaning the surfaces.

Balck + Decker is our top pick because the 3-Position Side Handle allows you maximum control over the machine/tool and provides additional comfort and convenience or for enhanced accuracy and efficiency or more dexterity. 

The slim and ergonomic body design for comfort and usability in narrow spades and the metal casing add durability. You need to invest one time and enjoy a lot of tasks for a lifetime. 

Another amazing feature of this low price angle grinder is its spindle lock  For effortless or Easy Accessory Changes which facilitates smooth tool-less accessory replacements or facilitates fast and easy disc changes. One lock and a lot of benefits are quite superb. 

One drawback of this budget angle grinder is that the motor overheats when used for extended periods. So it is suggested to give it some rest when using it for an extended period. By doing so, you will be safe from injuries. 

You can easily take this angle grinder with you without any issue, as it weighs about 4.7 pounds. This is not so light but not heavier as well.

  • Compact design
  • Has powerful motor
  • Comfortable to handle
  • Has spindle lock
  • Susceptible to overheating

Final Verdict:

This reliable angle grinder for light to medium-duty projects/purposes and DIY enthusiasts, this reliable angle grinder provides you great value for money. Easy to adjust handle, fast-working, and slim design together makes it a stand-alone angle grinder among other counterparts. So grab it now and make hectic tasks a joyful activity.

2.) Bosch 4-1/2-Inch Angle Grinder

Bosch 4-1/2-Inch Angle GrinderIt is a multipurpose tool used to grind sand and sharpen tools. It is an invaluable tool for professionals and building contractors. This angle grinder has many auto-off features that shut the tool down When The Brushes Need Replacing To Avoid Tool Damage. It is specially made for using an angle grinder to cut through all kinds of metal, masonry, and concrete. Bosch 4-1/2 – Inch Angle Grinder is designed with Epoxy-Coated Field Windings Provides Protection Against abrasive Dust and metal debris.  

Key Features:

It is a tool perfect for professional cutting and grinding applications. This angle grinder employs the signature service Minder Brush System stops the motor when preventative maintenance is required.  This grinder features the lock-On Slide Switch that Provides User Comfort For Extended-Use Applications.  

 It is a highly efficient motor with an extremely small diameter barrel grip that adds substantial comfort and facilitates the user to cut or grind with ease and speed. The auxiliary handle can be moved into Two-Position Side Handle Angled To A Natural Position providing maximum operator comfort for working on long jobs.  The grinder comes with  Burst-Protection Guard For Additional User Security. Moreover, it is an affordable angle grinder for under 100 dollars.

The removing casting fins and finishing make it capable of meeting most DIY home needs. This way, you become capable of handling the most DIY tasks effectively. You can use an angle grinder to polish; this correct polishing compound makes the surface look as good as new.

  • Light Weight 
  • For professional cutting and grinding applications 
  • Well designed grip 
  • ergonomically designed
  • Designed for a quick wheel change
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty projects
  • The on/off switch is not easily activated

Final Verdict:

Bosch 4-1/2-inch angle grinder is a professional grade grinder and can be used to perform multiple tasks. It provides a feature of the Minder brush system, which eliminates the guesswork in maintaining the tool. It weighs only 3.75 pounds. Therefore, it is a lightweight material best way to avoid the discomfort and frustration of carrying around heavy tools. It is designed with a  Dust Ejection System that Provides Durability By Ejecting Damaging Dust And Debris Particles or grindings away from the motor or allowing you to work in a clean environment.

3.) Metabo HPT Angle Grinder

Metabo HPT Angle GrinderAnother small, compact yet powerful, and durable angle grinder belongs to none other than Metabo HPT. G12SR4 does not come alone, but the packet includes five grinding wheels and a strong carrying case. Now there is no need to get tensed about how to store it with ease.

Key Features:

Metabo HPT’s uniquely small gripping surface allows a comfortable and reliable grip. This is the thing that makes it the first choice of those who are new to this profession. The smaller grip allows it to be used, whether you are a beginner or a professional. The best lightweight material also helps to lessen the fatigue issue.

The Labyrinth Construction Seals And Protects The Motor and keeps it secure and safe from debris and dust. This is a superb design as dust sometimes causes jamming and clogging.

This is not the end, guys; delightfully, the Lock-On Slide Switch Provides User Comfort For Extended-Use Applications. When finished working or want to change the wheel, it is easy to turn it on or off. This exceptional angle grinder gives you a gift of five different wheels, so choose as per your needs. 

One thing that is not liked by most of the professionals is that the on/off switch is situated in a hard-to-reach area. But this is not a feature that causes frustration. After two to three uses, you will feel comfortable with this.

  • Comfortable grip
  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable to store
  • Comes with five wheels
  • Blade guard does not turn to 360-degree

Final Verdict:

Get ready to experience a worry-less smooth and comfortable experience along with high-class maneuverability that reduces fatigue too. Metabo HPT will be a wonderful addition to your toolbox, and easy to take anywhere with you. But make sure the place has electricity sockets as it is an electric angle grinder.

4.) CRAFTSMAN Small Angle Grinder

CRAFTSMAN Small Angle GrinderCraftsman is an exceptional brand that has made a leading yet affordable model, CRAFTSMAN Small Angle Grinder. Its motor is designed to be low on vibration to reduce stress/strain on your hands and arms – This way, you can safely perform all kinds of tasks.

Key Features:

 Most cheap angle grinders are cheaply-made grinders; unfortunately, their quality and performance are also substandard, but CRAFTSMAN Small Angle Grinder is a handy angle grinder on a budget. The cheap materials that make the grinder bulky aren’t used in its construction; therefore, it is unique.

The compact design enhances ease of use and portability, and you can take it anywhere you want with ease and comfort.

Its well-made safety guard starts to cut through concrete, and its Extra Large Paddle Switch is For Comfortable Operation. The accessories, including a wrench, are a carbon brush, a three-position auxiliary handle, and an abrasive wheel. An anti-overheating feature reduces the risk of your motor burning out dramatically, so you can safely use this price-friendly and user-friendly angle grinder.

The brushless motor is powerful enough to tackle any task; additionally, the motor delivers the best power to weight/size ratio. Its well-balanced weight and size ratio allows you to bear its weight easily. You can remarkably use it for grinding the bigger part of the workplace.

  • Abrasive wheels
  • Vibration-reducing handles 
  • Easy to use and light on your arms
  • Remarkably light angle grinder
  • Have a high potential for hazard

Final Verdict:

Anti-vibration handles cause a great deal of comfort; CRAFTSMAN Small Angle Grinder is an anti-vibrated grinder. Its 2-Position Removable is a Side hand-operated power tool that is perfect for using flap discs. So, what are you waiting for? Invest into this incredible grinder and ease your regular tasks!

5.) DEWALT Angle Grinder

DEWALT Angle GrinderYou have to stop worrying about grinding, polishing, and cleaning the welded surfaces when you have Dewalt DWE4011 in your mechanic shop. The tool is quite user-friendly and ideal for working on sensitive materials. Hurry up, friends, and get the best Angle Grinders Under 100 dollars. 

Key Features:

DWE4011 is designed with a Two-Position Side Handle Angled To A Natural Position that provides maximum operator comfort for working on long jobs. All you need to do is adjust the angle carefully and make tough and long tasks a breeze.

A slim and lightweight profile or low-profile jam-stop gear case allows the tool to fit into tight spaces or handle easily. This automatically makes it the most versatile tool among all other products. 

Dewalt’s 1-touch guard substantially speeds up the grinding and saves up more time than otherwise needed for a tool to adjust the guard location. 

The lightweight design makes this tool convenient, and the 7 amp motor that delivers 12000 RPMs further adds smoothness to grinding projects. The motor is powerful enough that allow continuous heavy-duty operations.

The quick-change wheel of this angle grinder provides ease when needed to replace the wheel with another option. This is the most versatile feature by which you can remove the wheel without the help of a wrench. 

The 5/8-inch-to-11-inch spindle thread comfortably accepts a wide number of 4-1/2-inch accessories. This angle grinder weighs about 3.9 pounds making it easy to take from place to place.

  • Has jam-pot gear case
  • 2-position removable handle
  • Slim design
  • Has quick-change wheel release
  • No dust ejection system

Final Verdict:

This DWE4011 Dewalt brand’s angle grinder is made with uncomfortable and painful materials to use comfortably at any place. The great budget angle grinder is exceptional to use for mechanical contractors, concrete repair contractors, and fabricators who constantly work with different applications such as cutting pipe and steel, grinding welds, and much more.

Best Budget Angle Grinder – The Ultimate Buying Guide:

The market is overwhelmed with angle projectors, and when you buy a projector, you need to consider several things and at the top of the list is reliability. In addition, there are many more factors that are mentioned below:

1.) Corded vs Cordless:

Angle grinders come in both forms: corded and cordless. Both come with pros and cons, but cordless angle grinders have more benefits, and the most significant is portability; however, due to the heavy battery, they are high in weight. So, what to choose from corded and cordless angle grinders depends upon your needs.

2.) Power/Amperage:

The angle grinder’s power can be measured in amperage. The grinder with more amperage can be used for multipurpose and heavier objects. 

For beginners, the preferable amperage is 6-8 amps, but they can upgrade it to 9-10 amps to perform their regular DIY work. However, Low-potency motors are inefficient for most grinding applications or heavy-duty applications, or grinders typically rely on powerful motors; hence, the users that perform heavy-duty tasks should pick the grinder with a beasted motor, like 15A. 

3.) RPM:

Rotation Per Minute (RPM) is the rotation speed of the disc; as the rotation speed is higher, more force will be generated. It seems ideal while working on heavy objects. To avoid damage to the wheel and machine, you need to find the comparable RPM of the tool and disc.

4.) Fixed or Variable Speed:

Angle grinders that include variable speed are versatile as you can adjust the RPM according to your need. It includes fine-tuning which makes them ideal for operating sensitive materials. Fixed speed tools are not that beneficial!

5.) Fuel Type:

Before buying an angle grinder, you also need to consider the type of fuel and type of fuel, including electric, pneumatic, and gas.

Electric grinders are the most common, powerful, and electric grinders used for DIY and professional purposes.

Pneumatic grinders use compressed air as fuel for a wider array of projects. Gas angle grinders are used for heavy-duty construction discs rotation speed projects the is given.

6.) Comfort:

Whenever we are using a handle tool, we want something comfortable and effortless. The angle grinder provides you peace, accuracy, and safety in one place. 

To attain comfort, the two most prominent things you should consider are the weight and size of the angle grinder. 

The lightweight and compact angle grinder are more comfortable as it doesn’t exert strain on the hands.

Another factor that you need to keep in consideration is its handle. An angle grinder that is embedded with adjustable side handles tends to be more comfortable. The 2-Position Removable Side Handle or handle ergonomic makes it easier to hold when one grinds for a longer period. 

In addition, you also need to check whether a unit has a vibrating or anti-vibration handle. The vibrating handle creates discomfort. The rotatable Gear Housing or Lock-On/Off Feature prevents accidents and causes injuries.

7.) Dust Management System:

At the time of usage, the angle grinder produces a tremendous amount of dust and debris. Thus, a dust management system is a necessary feature to work in a tidy environment. The protective Zig-Zig Varnish Seals The Armature or Labyrinth Construction Bearings From Dust And Debris For Longer Tool Life.

8.) Interchangeability:

You can use different kinds of discs according to your tasks; hence, your grinder must have compatibility with most discs. This way, you will be capable of using your machine across a wide array of applications.

9.) Safety Features:

Along with the ease, angle grinders also come with a long list of potential hazards which are particularly harmful to beginners. Hence, it is essential to make sure that a tool is embedded with many safety features. For instance, a safe cut-off switch and an automatic shutdown of the machine when it is down.

10.) Warranty:

Reliability is the most important sign of the quality of the machine, and the manufacturer’s term of warranty is indicative of the reliability. If the company is confident in its product, they have no issue in offering reliability.


There are several budget angle grinders in the market and which one to pick depends upon you. All the angle grinders that are discussed and reviewed here are great to pick. Well, among Low-priced angle grinders, we recommend the Bosch 1375A due to its performance and reliability. You won’t believe that all this fun is available for less than $100.

However, if you want to spend more than the Black and Decker BDEG400, it is also a low-cost option and best to handle DIY projects.


feeling your arms burning, don’t need a  to change wheels saving time, the importance given to ergonomics or usability, enjoying the process of researching and testing many tools, a consequence of skipping the use of high-quality materials

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