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Best Airbrush Compressor For Beginners

Best Airbrush Compressor For Beginners

Do you love creating gorgeous artwork but don’t have any experience? No worries, we have got you covered. Airbrush is a truly versatile product and is loved by beginners and regulars alike. It helps you to paint your imaginations and thoughts with ease. 

Airbrushes are widely used for various purposes i.e., from art and illustration to customizing your fashion accessories. When you step into the market to find the best airbrush compressors for beginners, you will come across an incredibly vast variety.

You can easily find cheaper options that seem very lucrative but couldn’t promise a versatile or amazing performance and fails to ensure effective operation. Whereas, the expensive options are surely heavier on the pocket but are a one-time investment that not only has an excellent build quality but highly efficient superior performance too.

Since an airbrush is a great option for beginners, you can find both cheap and expensive options to choose your best match from. To assist you with the choice, we have recommended some of the most popular and highest-selling products that are suitable for both advanced users and beginners

What Are The Types Of Airbrush Compressors?

Based on your requirements and nature of use, there are two common types of airbrush compressors. 

1.) Diaphragm Compressors:

Diaphragm compressors are suitable for single airbrushes or are referred to as beginner compressors. These models are integrated with a pulsating membrane that creates a to and fro movement utilizing a rod and a crankshaft mechanism.

This mechanism results in pressurizing the air efficiently into the chamber. The conventional membranes in these compressors are constructed using rubber material but, you will observe membranes made out of plastic in newer models. 

The diaphragm compressors are likely to work best at a maximum pressure of 40 PSI that allowing you to easily operate the airbrush compressors and use them to spray on small plastic models

Remember, these compressors run with a bit of annoying noise since they lack an air tank and operate continuously. Make sure to not use the compressor for too long without any break as they are susceptible to overheating. 

2.) Piston Compressors:

On the contrary, piston compressors provide significant amounts of air to use multiple airbrushes or can compress large amounts of air and run continuously for more time. The main reason is the presence of an air tank. 

The airbrush piston compressors use either a single-piston compressor or a dual piston compressor and a dual-piston compressor is likely to compress more air as compared to the single piston compressor. 

The best thing about these models is that a single piston is compatible to be used with multiple airbrushes and provides a continuous air supply for extended airbrushing without overheating even a bit. 

It is important to have a pressure regulator with a water trap filter to control the pressure of the air and filter out the fluids and particles. Piston compressors are further divided into two types i.e., Oil-filled pistons and Oil-free pistons.

3.) Oil-Filled Piston:

Oil Filled Piston being a quiet compressor generates a minimum level of noise during the runtime and is suitable for specific lines, fine and illustrating art or drawing. If you are concerned about how much noise they produce, let us give you an example. The operating sound of an oil-filled piston is similar to that of a refrigerator. 

Make sure to insert an oil filter between the air hose and filter as it is responsible for preventing the oil and paint to mix up through the airbrush. 

Note: These pistons require regular checkups for oil filters and overall maintenance. 

4.) Oil-Less Piston

These are also known as oil-closed pistons and are a bit noisier than the oil-filled pistons but quieter than the diaphragm airbrush compressors. Oil-closed Piston is perfect for body art, nail painting, spraying cars, food color, and cake decorating. 

 When it comes to maintenance, these airbrush compressors can run for a long time without requiring frequent checkups. 

Applications of an Airbrush Compressor:

An airbrush compressor can be used for purposes beyond one’s imagination. For example, you enjoy airbrushing a car and living room wall designs or give your boring tees a twist of joyful colors. In addition, you can also use these for decorating cakes, customizing boxes, coasters, shoes, bags, etc. 

Best Airbrush Compressor For Beginners

To provide you with a better understanding of the most popular and trusted Airbrush Compressor, we have compiled a comparison table below. These are some of the best options for airbrushing we have found for you along with their key features and price. 

1Master Airbrush Model TC-40T● 57 PSI, 0.17 HP, 3 liters tank capacity, 47dB noise  Check Price
2NO-NAME Quiet Compressor● 100 PSI, 0.17 HP, 3 liters tank capacity, 47dB noise Check Price
3Paasche Airbrush DC850R Compressor● 90 PSI, ¾ HP, 1.6 gallons tank capacity, 58dB noise Check Price
4Tooty Airbrush Compressor● 100 PSI, 1/6 HP,  3 liters tank capacity, 47 dB noise Check Price
5VIVOHOME Airbrushing System● 150 PSI, 1/5 HP, 47dB noise, 23-25L/min airflow Check Price
6ZENY Pro Airbrushing Kit● 95 PSI, 1/5 HP, 3 liters tank capacity, 47dB noise Check Price
7PointZero Airbrush Compressor● 58 PSI, 1/5 HP, 3 liters tank capacity, 55dB noise Check Price
8Timbertech Upgrated Mini Compressor● 3 liters tank capacity, 47dB noise, 20-23L/min airflow Check Price

Let’s dive into the detailed review section of these products!

1.) Master Airbrush Model TC-40T

Master Airbrush Model TC-40TOur first product on the list is a powerful and Best Selling Air Compressor with Tank i.e., the Master Airbrush Model TC-40T. If you are to purchase an airbrush compressor with a tank for constant air pressure and smoothened pulsations from the single-piston compressor, this feature-filled product could be your ideal match. 


This airbrush compressor provides a compact design and proves to be a pretty comfortable option for airbrush enthusiasts. Its 3-liter tank capacity is big enough to store an ample amount of paint and hence can pain consistently without interruptions for a long time. 

You can adjust the airflow and its dryness using the various gauges so that your paint, oil, ink, or whatever medium you use doesn’t get watery when coming out. Having that said, the Master Airbrush provides a more finesse finish to any surface you paint on. 

Overheating is one of the most common issues encountered by users but, with this model, you won’t have to worry about it. The automatic restart feature offers airbrush artists relief from the overheating issue and saves electricity. However, to cool down the high-powered working engine, the machine is integrated with efficient built-in cooling fans


This powerful airbrush compressor offers a horsepower of 0.17 HP and provides the required amount of air pressure necessary for your application i.e., 57 PSI. As far as the noise level is concerned, the compressor works silently at a noise level of 47dB only.

  • Portable
  • Auto-shut-off technology
  • On-demand capacity 
  • 5-year warranty
  • Machine pulsation


All in all, the Master Airbrush Model TC-40T is one of the best available airbrushes for beginners that offers excellent power efficiency and great overall performance. The feature that makes this product stand out from others is that it is equipped with thermal protection and an Auto-Stop Function to stop functioning at specific air pressure for a safe working experience.

2.) NO-NAME Quiet Compressor

NO-NAME Quiet CompressorEven though this brand is not very well known, it manufactures good-quality airbrushes for beginners. This quiet compressor from the company is packed with some highly useful features that provide a fine spraying experience for illustrations, and hobby modeling.


This model from No-Name doesn’t weigh heavier and hence is great for portability. In addition, its easy-to-use carrying handle offers a great feature for mobility. You will get a 3-liter large air tank to use this compressor for a long time for airbrushing. 

One of the most-loved features of this airbrush compressor is its auto-shutoff feature to increase energy efficiency and overall functionality. Being an oil-free piston airbrush compressor, these can work for a long time without overheating. 

The compressor is integrated with a filter to provide consistent airflow and prevent pulsations. Moreover, it comes along some extra components that are specifically very helpful to beginners such as a 6-feet power cable, air hose with a 1/8-inches connector, and a user manual


Before the machine is dispatched to the retailers, it undergoes strict inspection and testing to ensure its efficiency therefore, it never disappoints with its performance. It sports a 0.17HP motor and allows you to operate the machine at any pressure ranging between 0 to 100 PSI. 

As mentioned earlier, it is an oil-free piston airbrush compressor, it works quietly at only a 47dB noise level.

  • Amazing PSI range
  • No pulsation
  • Large tank capacity
  • Auto-shut-off technology
  • Relatively less warranty


If you are in search of the best airbrush compressor for beginners that offer the best pressure options, look no further than the No-Name Quiet Compressor.

3.) Paasche Airbrush DC850R Compressor

Paasche Airbrush DC850R CompressorThis incredible airbrush is a highly versatile machine that can be used with several airbrushes for different degrees of spray for diverse applications. With its impressive versatile features, you can give your artwork different touchups using various mediums in a single compressor.


The Paasche DC850R weighs pretty heavy i.e., 36.3 pounds but, for easy maneuverability, it features a unique ergonomic handle design. For optimal work with airbrushes, it comes with a large tank capacity of 1.6 gallons. 

If you are an artist who likes to work with different mediums and create different types of artworks, this machine could be your go-to compressor. Why? Its compatibility with up to four different types of airbrushes is what accounts for the versatility.

Considering this fact, this airbrush is a perfect tool to paint various mediums like paint, dyes, inks, and makeup on any canvas or surface. Not to forget, its rust-free aluminum tank ensures that the unit stays safe from wear and tear. Whereas, the moisture trap system makes the airflow more efficient.  


The ¾ HP motor of the Paasche DC850R compressor is capable of producing pressure between the range of 40 to 90 PSI. Furthermore, it is also responsible for providing airflow to all four brushes at a constant pace.

Speaking of the operating sound, this model is comparatively louder than all of the other airbrush compressors on our list today. But, the power-packed performance and the multiple brush fittings are worth the 58dB clamor.

  • Rust-free tank
  • Moisture trap
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Heavy
  • Noisy


Who doesn’t love working with multiple mediums to create gorgeous artwork? The Paasche DC850R air compressor for airbrushing with amazing multiple airbrush fittings fulfills this dream of every artist.

4.) Tooty Airbrush Compressor

Tooty Airbrush CompressorAnother best airbrush compressor for beginners by No-Name is the Tooty model with an air tank. With exceptional performance and high efficiency, this model from No-Name is capable of producing air pulse-free output every time.


Similar to the aforementioned model from No-Name, this one is a portable machine with an ergonomic handle. Since it is not a huge unit, it can be stored in art studios and garages easily. Speaking of the air tank, it can hold up to 3-liters of paint. 

You can also use the machine for painting using an airbrush with a nozzle size of 0.7 mm. Additionally, its auto-start and turn-off technology works efficiently to prevent the machine from overheating even if you use it for a prolonged time.

To provide you with peace of mind, the Tooty Airbrush Compressor is backed up with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. 


The 1/6 HP induction motor is what you get with this machine. Moreover, the powerful engine offers you a wide range of pressure i.e., between 0 to 100 PSI max. 

Just like most oil-free models, the Tooty airbrush compressor works with little to no noise i.e., only 47dB.

  • No pulsation
  • Oil-free design
  • Quiet operation
  • Powerful induction motor
  • Limited warranty


The Tooty Airbrush Compressor by No-Name is a Quiet Portable Air Compressor that is equipped with impressive features enough for your airbrush painting needs.

5.) VIVOHOME Airbrushing System

VIVOHOME Airbrushing SystemUp next, we have a prominent name that is renowned to manufacture one of the most selling airbrush kits related to gardening, sports, kitchen, and home lives. Considering all the marvelous features of this machine, it is surely perfect for confused beginners. 


Being a multipurpose machine, the VIVOHOME airbrushing system comes with 3 different multipurpose fluid tips that allow you to use it for painting, inflating, spraying, etc. In addition, right on top of the compressor, you can find an airbrush holder that has accommodation for two airbrushes. 

Designed to provide a professional-grade painting experience, the entire system runs amazingly for a long time without overheating. Moreover, the precise adjustment to control the airflow is also present to make sure that the air is clean and dry. 

This compressor comes with 3 spray guns that are detachable and can be used to achieve your desired painting results. With this feature, you can work on a wide range of applications including commercial spraying, nail studios, cosmetics, spray tanning, etc.


Powered by a 1/5 HP motor, the airbrush compressor produces pressure up to 150 PSI along with 23-25L/min air flow. The 47dB sound level of the machine while working makes sure that you or anyone nearby isn’t frustrated by its operation.

  • Oil-free maintenance
  • Thermal protection
  • 3 fluid tips
  • Compressor mounted airbrush holder
  • Auto-stop feature
  • Doesn’t come with a guide


The VIVOHOME airbrushing system is integrated with everything you look for in the Best Beginner Airbrush Kits with Compressor. So, if your search is for a highly functional yet budget airbrush compressor, this one could be a great deal.

6.) ZENY Pro Airbrushing Kit

ZENY Pro Airbrushing KitFrom decent performance to a reasonable price, the ZENY Pro Airbrushing Kit is a top-notch airbrush compressor for painting. The company is widely known to manufacture machines with high functionality and amazing power. 


This dual-cylinder machine measures less in weight and hence is portable whereas, its ergonomic handle makes the maneuverability much easier. The ZENY Pro airbrushing kit can deliver regular airflow which is crucial to completing the task

With a large tank capacity of 3 liters, the airbrush allows you to paint large areas. Since it is also an oil-free piston airbrush compressor, you can use it for a prolonged time without the fear of high temperatures. 

Moreover, the air pressure gauge with a bleed valve for airflow adjustment is commendable with which you can adjust the flow of air right according to your requirements and create the most beautiful piece of art.  


The ZENY Pro is capable of working at a maximum pressure of 57 PSI, thanks to its powerful 1/5 HP motor. What impresses her the most is the unit’s ability to deliver exceptional power at such a low noise level of 47dB only. 

This amazing machine is suitable for nail art designers, cake decorators, modelers, artists, etc.

  • One 6 fit hoes
  • Large air tank
  • Mighty compressor motor
  • Thermally protected
  • Only 1-year warranty


Looking for an airbrush with a prime compressor for miniature work like food or ornament airbrush painting? The ZENY Pro Airbrushing Kit featuring all the required features could be your preferred choice for coloring to paint your project.

7.) PointZero Airbrush Compressor

PointZero Airbrush CompressorBeing the best dual-action airbrushes compressor kit, this model from PointZero works silently while offering a mighty range of useful features. From the finest of lines to the widest of sprays, this kit is a great choice for canvas and multiple variations. 


Since it is a small and compact airbrush compressor, you can easily carry it along to your workplace using a comfortable handle. Moreover, its small size makes it easy to be stored even in the tiniest places. Despite being a compact machine, its mighty tank capacity measures up to 3 liters. 

The automatic restart technology integrated into this equipment gives the airbrush relief in case of overheating. This feature is also responsible for saving electric power. The PointZero airbrush compressor works on an oil-free basis hence, is safe to be used for decorating food and other projects like spraying on textile T-shirts, etc.

Every beginner expects and loves a user manual coming with the product they are using for the first time. Fortunately, with this machine, a guide to using the airbrush kit is provided to help out the beginners. 


Usually, oil-free piston compressors don’t offer such power but, this model from PointZero is capable of offering 1/5 HP power. With such a powerful HP, you will get a maximum pressure of up to 58 PSI. 

What else?

At this power and pressure, many people think that the machine would produce frustrating noise but, it doesn’t. This quiet performer produces noise as low as 55 dB only. 

  • Quiet operation
  • 1/5 Horsepower
  • Oil-free design
  • Incredible pressure
  • Lacks a tank


Portable and light-weight ones are a perfect choice for beginners and regulars and the PointZero airbrush compressor is one of them. So, if you have just stepped into the airbrushing art, this one offers everything you need to have in one of the best airbrush compressors for beginners.

8.) Timbertech Upgrated Mini Compressor

Timbertech Upgrated Mini CompressorLastly, on our list of the best airbrush compressors for beginners, we have a Portable Mini Air Compressor from Timbertech. The company is recognized well in the tech market for producing top-quality products. 


As you may expect and deep in your heart’s desire, this amazing airbrush compressor is highly portable so you can easily carry it along anywhere you want. It sports a 3-liter tank capacity that can store enough paint for you to work on larger projects without running out of the medium.

Its inbuilt cooling fans ensure that the compressor does not heat up or reduce the temperature and maintain the product’s longevity. You can use this airbrush compressor for a wide range of applications such as spray tanning, cake decoration, nail art, etc. 

This professional airbrushing paint system is integrated with safety features such as an overheat protector, air filter, and pressure relief safety valve. Additionally, the moisture filter is there to prevent and protect this compressor from the watery output. 


When it comes to performance, the Timbertech Upgrated Mini Compressor works wonders. It produces a constant airflow of 20 to 23 liters per minute. However, it might stop a few times between its two refilling sessions to enhance the overall longevity.

This mini compressor won’t annoy you with its operating sound since it only produces noise up to 47dB.

  • Built-in cooling fans
  • Safety features
  • Silent operation
  • Vast application
  • A bit heavy for its size


While looking for the airbrush compressors, the size of the unit doesn’t matter. What matters is its overall specs and performance. The Timbertech Upgrated Mini Compressor might be small in size but offers bigger features.

Buying Guide:

Now that you have checked out all of the top recommendations, it is important to have a look at the factors to consider before making the purchase. Finding the best airbrush compressor for beginners is easier said than done. 

There are some important features to look for that are discussed below.

1.) Power:

The power that an airbrush can produce determines its run time, usage, and overall longevity. An average airbrush compressor uses around 150 to 200 watts of power. You can find some models that consume higher power and work for an incredibly long time. 

Note: Higher the power consumption, the pricier the machine would be.

2.) Motor Power:

It is another important factor to consider since it significantly impacts the overall performance of a machine. For tank-based compressors, a 1/4” is considered the perfect output thread. Whereas, whereas for small dry piston compressors, 1/8” is preferred.

With 1/6 Horsepower, an airbrush compressor is likely to work effortlessly without overheating. 

3.) Tank Capacity:

The compressor tank is responsible for eliminating any cools and pulsing the air to increase the efficiency of the moisture separator. Usually, small airbrush compressors are tankless but, larger or medium-sized machines come with a tank capacity ranging between 0.4 liters to 25 liters. 

Make sure that the airbrush compressor you are planning to buy has ample tank capacity according to the nature of your use otherwise, it would not be capable of completing large tasks. 

Note: If your compressor lacks a tank, you can attach an external tank or add it existing tank to increase the volume or a great way to increase its efficiency.

4.) Pressure:

The pressure of an airbrush compressor is measured in PSI (pounds per inch). The PSI offered by these compressors differs from model to model and you must look for the one that is enough to meet your airbrushing requirements. 

You can find models offering pressure as low as 1 PSI which won’t be a hassle to operate but it won’t be suitable for thicker mediums or sprays. The ideal pressure range to work with a variety of mediums is more than 10 PSI. 

5.) Additional Features:

Many people overlook these features that can help you with the overall performance and versatility. Make sure to look for an air compressor with an air filtration and regulation system since it prevents the machine from overheating so that you can work for longer hours.

It is better to have a unit that comes with a larger air hose because a long hose can reach all the areas to paint without any interruptions. 

To ensure a longer life span of the airbrush compressor, always keep it cleaned. If it is not cleaned for a very long period, it will ultimately cause the paint to clog or rust into the nozzle. Many airbrushing kits come with a needle lubricant for regular airbrush cleaning.

Ending Lines:

When it comes to finding the best airbrush compressors for beginners, the choices are incredibly vast that can easily confuse your mind and limit your thinking capacity. Don’t forget to look for the important factors mentioned above so that you can get the right product. 

Remember, using an airbrush compressor is a risk of harmful chemicals from the paint, oil, or ink hence, you must wear gloves and a face mask while working. But, the best thing about these compressors is that the paint comes out of the nozzle in a fine spray form which will not damage the skin or create an injury.

We hope that you have successfully found your best match with the help of our detailed guide. 

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