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Best Air Compressor For LVLP Spray Gun

Best Air Compressor For LVLP Spray GunAre you a painter by profession or just love to keep your home well-maintained? Do you have a spray gun at your home? Don’t you feel bored and tired while using this spray gun? We know it is nerve-wracking to work with spray guns.

So, to make you come out of this terrifying situation, we have reviewed the Best Air Compressor For LVLP Spray Gun for you. You know these air compressors use less air and also low pressure to spray the paint but work wonders when you are having them in your hand. These best air compressors are considered an all-in-one solution for beginners as well as experts. Fortunately, these air compressors deliver the same quality, regardless of how small and cheap air compressors you are having. 

You can use these multipurpose air compressors for clearcoats, and spray thinned or waterborne paints. Isn’t it a relief to use these air compressors? Yes, it is, indeed.

Are you also searching for an air compressor that is big enough to handle the biggest painting job? Are you looking for an air compressor that uses a lot of compressed air and low pressure to spray the paint on a surface? Aren’t you?

Well, for your ease, we have filtered less noisy air compressors that can deliver a greater amount of compressed air. Our chosen air compressors feature ample reserves of compressed air. Ready to review the list?

Our Top Pick…

Wait, first, you can crack our top pick, CRAFTSMAN Air Compressor; it is Best Air Compressor For LVLP Spray Gun due to its powerful motor, capacity, air pressure, its reliability, and quality of construction. This impressive pressure range helps you in painting, cleaning, inflating, and powering small air tools. 

It is the most recommended air compressor for LVLP spray guns! Before directly jumping into our products, you can gather some information about air compressors.

Our Best Air Compressors For LVLP Spray Guns Worth Buying?

Spray guns are used for multiple purposes, you can use them to paint your home, crafts, automobiles, etc. LVLP spray guns are the most important type of spray gun. So, this article has covered the most compatible and efficient Air Compressor For LVLP Spray Gun. 

LVLP is the low voltage, low pressure – these low voltages and low pressures perform heavier tasks.

The benefits and features of these compressors are:

  • Best Air Compressors For LVLP Spray Gun are heavy-duty compressors.
  • It can fulfill your instant, endless air on demand.
  • Many impressive and convenient electric air compressors are greatly compatible with your LVLP spray gun.
  • The belt-driven compressors require less maintenance and are less prone to breakdowns, so, you can also buy belt-driven compressors for your LVLP spray gun.
  • A spray gun that is compatible with air compressors can work with a relatively high air flow rate to maintain a proper amount of pressure.
  • These air compressors provide fewer air compressors but help the spray gun to perform multiple tasks.

Why Prefer Spray Guns Over Spray Brushes?

Choosing the spray gun over the brushes is extremely beneficial because brushes have many disadvantages.

  • Brushes are very hard to paint crooked surfaces with a brush or a roller
  • Brushes leave either some unpainted spots
  • When you use a brush, the paint is bound to drip when applied on uneven surfaces, so the paint and costs exceed on.

It is time to jump into the essence of this article!

Best Air Compressor For LVLP Spray Gun For 2021

This article has covered the best air compressor paint sprayer of the best brand- Craftsman, Dewalt,  California, etc. These Best Airless Paint Sprayers speak about their quality – they are a combination of the latest style, optimum quality, remarkable features, and heart-winning performance. So you must review and buy them!

Well, before moving ahead you can also glance through our comparison table where we have enlisted some technical features of our chosen air mowers for LVLP spray guns.

1CRAFTSMAN Air Compressor● Pressure: 150 Max PSI 
●Capacity: 6 gallon
Check Price
2DEWALT Pancake Air Compressor● Capacity: 6 Gallons
● Voltage: 120 Volts
Check Price
3California Air Tools 8010● Maximum Pressure: 120 PSI 
● Low Amp Draw: 8.5 Amps
Check Price
4California Air Tools 10020C ● Capacity: 10 Gallons
● Voltage: 110 Volts
Check Price
5Industrial Air IL1682066.MN● Capacity: 20 Gallon
● Voltage: 240-Volt applications
Check Price

Let’s figure out the review of the best air compressor for airbrushing and spray painting! 

1.) CRAFTSMAN Air Compressor

CRAFTSMAN Air CompressorQuick Features:

  • Capacity: 6 Gallons
  • Item Weight: 32.5 Pounds
  • Pressure: 150 Max PSI 
  • Quick Recovery Time: 2.6 SCFM at 90 PSI

CRAFTSMAN is a brand that has launched numerous compatible air compressors and here we have the Best Air Compressor For LVLP Spray Gun. This is a small-sized air compressor that you can take anywhere you want; moreover, it occupies very little space in your home. You can easily use this multi-purpose air compressor for your regular tasks.

Key Features:

CRAFTSMAN Air Compressor is an exceptional air compressor that has a 6-gallon capacity to store air in it; you can use this air at the time of spraying the paint. It is a durable air compressor that serves you for several decades. Due to this durability and long-lasting life. you don’t need to spend extra time on its maintenance. It is a less maintenance and cost-saving air compressor.

Its well-crafted design prevents paint spillage, so the paint-saving ability protects you from extra cost. In addition, this air compressor also includes a tight-fitting lid to prevent accidental spills – safety, safety, and safety!

This low-pressure air compressor has 150 PSI that ensures the availability of adequate pressure, so you can perform your applications uninterruptedly. This LVLP spray gun compatible air compressor is capable of maintaining airflow continuously, so there is nobody who can stop you from performing and accomplishing your painting tasks; in fact, quick painting tasks.

At 90 PSI, this air compressor contains 2.6 SCFM which assists in the quick recovery of this LVLP spray compressor. Thus, this high-powered Best Air Compressor for Painting Furniture, Arts and Crafts.

This impressive pressure range helps you in painting, cleaning, inflating, and powering small air tools, so this fantastic air processor can serve you for multiple purposes. So, if you want a noise-free single-user working experience, this CRAFTSMAN Air Compressor can serve you in a better way.

  • No maintenance required
  • Portable and compact
  • Supports a variety of pneumatic
  • Convenient and easy to store
  • Quality control issues


Spray guns are very useful as you can use them for performing multiple tasks but these guns make you tired until you don’t use air compressors for them. CRAFTSMAN Air Compressor is reliable and long-lasting due to its resting and powerful structure. You can buy this air compressor without a second thought in your mind.

2.) DEWALT Pancake Air Compressor

DEWALT Pancake Air CompressorQuick Features:

  • Capacity: 6 Gallons
  • Voltage: 120 Volts
  • Pressure: 165 max PSI
  • Voice Level: 78.5 dBA

Here comes another DEWALT Pancake Air Compressor For LVLP Spray Gun; this efficient compressor’s heavy-duty motor helps you to have an easy startup, even in cold weather. This quick and straightforward startup enables you to use it at any time and in any weather. This high-efficient motor makes this processor perfect for heavy-duty jobs and long run times.[/su_note]

Key Features:

The maximum pressure of this air compressor is 165 Max PXI which helps to get a uniform quality finish or coat on any surface.  The capacity of this air compressor is a 6.0-gallon tank that provides you capacity for spray painting, so you can paint your home like a pro – the even and smooth paint will surprise others and they will be unable to stop themselves to adore your experts.

The compressors that get overheated create many problems that are harmful to their lifespan and even users, too but this compressor has overheating protection to prevent accidents.

At 90 PSI pump, this processor delivers 2.6 SCFM, which makes this compressor adequate for long tools and it also helps in quick recovery of his portable air compressor.

It also includes a handle and wheels for portability that makes it easier to move it around your home or take it anywhere with more convenience. This more convenient and sturdy handle is portable yet powerful. How marvelous this feature is!

Along with other features, this air compressor also provides you with a quiet environment so you can perform your work without any hassle.

The noise level of this air pressure is 78.5 dBA which is considered a quiet processor for the use of a spray gun. It has rafts and sporting equipment; additionally, it also has a coiled filler hose to fill shocks; in short, every part is designed by engineers and experts, so you will not feel any problem while running this masterpiece.  

DEWALT’s couplers and high flow regulator maximize the performance of the air compressor; thus, you can perform your maximum work in a day without getting fatigued. 

Thanks to this oil-free pump, which is equipped with the low-maintaining feature; this attribute of the DEWALT Pancake Air Compressor increases its lifespan and prevents you from the extra effort of cleaning.

This Best Air compressor for Painting is also equipped with a console cover that provides protection to control; it is a removal part that can be used for repairing. So, you can bring this compressor for painting external surfaces of your home, office, etc. You can also use this best air compressor for automotive painting; thanks to this air compressor that eases your painting tasks. You can paint your cars, bikes, and other automobiles. 

  • Best compressor for Gravity Spray Gun
  • Rubber feet on the bottom
  • Pumps about 165psi
  • Powerful and sturdy handle
  • Has a place to wrap the power cord
  • Assembling issue


Due to its marvelous features it stands in the list of the best-known products; you can take it anywhere to perform multiple tasks at a faster speed. The enclosed belt guard provides constant protection; This way, your nerve-wracking, time taking, and strenuous painting tasks become super-easy with this well-maintained air compressor. So, don’t miss this best-selling product.

3.) California Air Tools 8010

California Air Tools 8010Quick Features:

  • Max Pressure: 120 PSI 
  • Voltage: 110V / 60 Hz 
  • Min running watts: 2500 
  • Noise level: 60 dBA 
  • Low Amp Draw: 8.5 Amps

So, now you can meet all your painting needs with the top LVLP spray gun and this air compressor that has a professional-grade finish with either oil-based or latex paints. Hence, you get a wide range of opportunities to perform your multiple tasks with excellent speed.

Key Features:

This air compressor doesn’t include those in its package but an air filter and wheel kit, so you only need to buy an industrial Male Quick Connector to get it attached with the hose and then shoot the paint on your walls and other places with your LVLP gun. 

It is made up of durable steel-and-cast-iron construction that increases durability and gives extra longevity to your air compressor. The tank and long-lasting extended pump life are designed for trouble-free use. This air compressor is also painted black to prevent rust and corrosion and it is a great proof of its reliability and quality of construction.

It also includes a protective console cover and rubber leg covers to preserve itself, so you don’t need to pay extra effort on the maintenance and meticulous care of this air compressor; similarly, the oil-free pump helps you use the compressor in the cold and on uneven terrain. 

Moisture can cause bubbles and inconsistent paint jobs, so you should have a moisture separator because the moisture separator works by removing condensation. Blemishes on the surface of your paint jobs like bubbles and uneven surfaces are due to moisture.

The maximum continuous running time of these Portable Air Compressors for Painting is 30-60 min as it depends on the CFM and PSI of this air compressor. It also includes a very decent motor to power up the type of gun – this powered gun saves your power and energy in gun loading and shooting because your burden is shared with the air compressor. 

All in all, it is the most recommended spray gun!

  • Incredible for indoor use
  • Compresor for drip-proof spray guns
  • Can power train air horns
  • Air-locking differential
  • Good for light-duty pneumatic tools
  • Motor gets overheated


Is an easy to use air compressor that has great compatibility for LVLP spray guns. It has the best specs on our list, so I am sure it will amaze you with its jaw-dropping features. You can confidently place the order for this very suitable feed an LVLP spray gun. A beasted air compressor240-Volt application!

4.) California Air Tools 10020C

California Air Tools 10020CQuick Features:

  • Capacity: 10 Gallons
  • Voltage: 110 Volts
  • Sound Level: 70 dBA
  • Horsepower: 2
  • Amperage Capacity: 14 Amps
  • Warranty: 1-Year

You can easily use this air compressor with a low-pressure spray gun. Yes, without any doubt, it is a hard-to-clean spray gun but this ideal compressor doesn’t create any mess and keeps your spray gun clean. You can confidently use this LVLP spray gun with high-end and specialized spray guns for big painting projects. So, there is no limitation when you are using this California Air Tools 10020C.

Key Features:

Due to this compressor, the LVLP spray guns have very low paint wastage and your spray gun offers top-quality performance. Due to California 10020C, you don’t need to exert pressure on your gun because it smoothly shoots the paint over your application. So, there is not tiresome, or time-consuming, and everything goes smoothly. 

The versatility, reliability, ease-of-use, and beginner-user-friendly style of this compressor make you complete your longer tasks within a few days. 

It can also manage the increase in the temperature of the air supply and provide you ease to paint comfortably. Thanks to its feature of a great air control system to control your paint, you get a chance to shoot the quantity that you want. In this way, neither paint waste nor quality is challenged. 

Therefore, this air compressor is famous for its sturdiness and notable low noise output. You can work in a relaxed, calm, and focused environment. The pressure gauge is here for maximum accuracy or determines the amount of spray that can be used.

It is embedded with a single-phase induction motor with overload protection; this motor plays an excellent role in increasing the capability of the spray gun. California has proudly introduced this air compressor with a powerful motor and a large storage tank that tend to run the adjustable fluid amounts. The fan patterns give you a personalized, customizable, and precise spray with less waste on any surface. 

Due to this compressor, the spray gun allows smaller batches of paint, so it is more suitable for lighter paint jobs using an LVLP spray gun. 

You can use this best compressor for painting cars, furniture, craft projects, or your home.

  • Best for Heavy-Duty Work
  • Clean and maintain
  • Save you time and money
  • Light, compact, and portable
  • Perfect to handle large painting projects
  • Built in connectors are junk


If you are looking for an air compressor, which is ideal for automotive primers and metallic base coats, stop searching more because California Air Tools 10020C provides you with exactly those features that you are searching for. Best LVLP Spray Guns!

5.) Industrial Air IL1682066.MN

Industrial Air IL1682066.MNQuick Features:

  • Capacity: 20 Gallons
  • Voltage: ‎120 Volts
  • Horsepower: 1 HP
  • Maximum Power: ‎1.6 Horsepower
  • Warranty: 2-Years

Industrial Air IL1682066 is a superb air compressor that is perfectly manufactured according to the imposition of stricter laws on environmental protection set by the government. This professional air compressor can handle more kinds of air tools – it is best for most spray paint job requirements.

Key Features:

This air compressor provides ample capacity to meet the requirements of driving your HVLP paint spray gun. Low-quality guns lead to patchiness in the paint; thanks to this competition, a very economical, and environment-friendly air compressor makes your gun Spray Professional Coats. 

Thanks to this Industrial Air IL1682066.MN pushed the spray guns for super-efficient spraying. This air compressor requires low air pressure to operate efficiently and despite this low pressure, it is good for higher transfer efficiency.

The ergonomic handle is perfect for extended comfortable use; it also reduces fatigue during long hours of painting, for cleaning, carrying, and storing. In addition, this spray gun is safe and easy to use. 

For better atomization of the paint, for extra air pressure (despite being LVLP), you won’t get better than Industrial Air IL1682066.MN. It can perfectly handle any job and multiple users with ease. It uses a lot of compressed air and low pressure to spray the paint on a surface, so its uses are immeasurable.

The belt-drive system is perfect for protection, so its metal belt guard helps to cool the unit and protects its parts. You can efficiently use it to spray thinned latex, lacquers, stains, metallics, primers, paints, and clearcoats.  The MAC valve allows you to monitor and adjust pressure coming from the gun – indeed, every feature of this compressor is dedicated to providing you ease.

This Best Air Compressor For LVLP Spray Gun is multi-beneficial!

  • Provides well-sprayed surface
  • Easy to use, assemble, and store
  • Regulator to adjust the pressure
  • Ball drain valve to keep it dry
  • No con


If you haven’t found any air compressor that is according to your requirement, you can buy Industrial Air IL1682066.MN. This masterpiece is perfect for meeting expectations for its value. So, you can buy this efficient air compressor to get a Well-Sprayed Surface.

So, we have served you with many good air compressors for painting, we hope you will like all of these air compressors. Now, it is time to dive into the buying guide.  

Best Air Compressor For LVLP Spray Gun – An Ultimate Buying Guide:

If you want to buy an optimum quality Air Compressor For LVLP Spray Gun, you can consider our below-mentioned factors. These factors will assist you to buy a reliable, long-lasting, and worthier compressor.

1.) Noise Level:

Loud noises for prolonged periods can affect your work quality and health, so you need to buy an air compressor that has a lower sound. So, you would be able to increase your productivity and get the right benefit from your spray gun.

If you accidentally buy an air compressor for a higher noise level, you should replace it or wear earmuffs to protect yourself.

2.) Low Pressure:

If you are going to buy an air compressor for your LVLP spray gun, you should buy it with a low pressure because LVLP spray guns work with less pressure and help the users to increase their productivity and work quality standards. CFM varies according to the PSI level, so you should consider their value and pick the one that is compatible with the spray gun.

3.) Capacity:

More capacity means your compressor will store more air for your tasks and you will be able to perform your work consistently. Moreover, an air compressor with a vertical tank would be a good option; so if you want magical paints on your applications, you can also consider the extra capacity and the vertical tank of your compressor.

4.) Cooling Fans:

If you have an air compressor that gets overheated quickly, it will affect its lifespan and will increase the risks. So, you should ensure that the cooling fans of your air compressor work efficiently. A powerful cooling fan allows a 100% duty cycle at 100 PSI – don’t miss this factor when you are in the market. The vertical tank provides plenty of punch for the most demanding applications.

Soo, these are the factors that can protect your investment from sinking, must keep them in your mind.

Bottom Line:

Air compressors are very helpful as you can use them for multiple purposes as they reduce the period of your task. Moreover, this air compressor is user-friendly, so you don’t get tired while using them.

This article has covered the Best Air Compressors For LVLP Spray guns that you can use indoors and outdoor for painting. We have enlisted air compressors that are approved by the experts, so you can buy them for your home, lift the decoration of your home and inspire others with your aesthetic sense.

Instead of wasting on the wrong product and wasting your bucks, it is better to grab a reliable one. So here you go!

Extra Keyword:

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